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AMA appoints two to board of directors

Werner and King to fill vacancies from travel expense scandal

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Dec. 02, 2008, Photography by arley-Davidson Motor Company Archives
The American Motorcyclist Association has appointed Hall of Famer Bill Werner and actor Perry King to its Board of Directors.

Werner and King will fill the vacancies resulting from the resignation of former AMA Board Chairman Dal Smilie and former assistant treasurer Jeff Smith. Smilie resigned from the board on Nov. 17, 2007 following an internal review into the alleged misuse of travel expense reimbursements. Smith, a former Motocross World Champion, resigned from his board position in February 2008, saying he felt responsible for approving Smilie’s expense reports.

A tuner and crew chief behind 13 Grand National Championship winners including riders Gary Scott, Jay Springsteen and Scott Parker, Werner will represent the North Central region on the AMA Board and complete Smith’s original term which ends February 2010.

“As a 13-time championship tuner for some of the greatest names in the history of AMA Grand National Championship racing, Bill Werner has earned a reputation for dedication, drive and innovative thinking,” says Rob Dingman, AMA President and chief executive officer. “Bill demonstrated during his membership on the AMA’s Racing Committee that he has the ability to put the interests of the AMA ahead of the interests he may have had as a factory tuner.”

Werner’s accolades include the AMA Tuner of the Year Award for 1975-77 and 1988-91; AMA Sportsman of the Year for 1990; and the AMA Dirt Track Tuner of the Year for 1994-98. Werner also won the AMA Mechanical Excellence Award in 1996 and was inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 2000. Werner is also the current chair of Hall of Fame’s the Dirt Track Committee.

Harley-Davidson's 1981 Dirt Track team included (left to right) Bill Werner, Jay Springsteen, Dick O'Brien, Randy Goss and Brent Thompson. Photo copyright H-D.“I’m eager to start helping the Association tackle issues regarding competition and motorcyclists’ rights,” says Werner. “The ongoing evolution of AMA Racing, including the growth of the amateur ranks, is vital to move motorcycle competition forward in this country. In addition, some of the most important issues affecting riders today are off-road closures and legislation that prevents motorcyclists from riding both on- and off-road. I am ready to help the Association face these challenges head on.”

King will serve the North West region on the AMA Board and will complete Smilie’s original term which also ends February 2010.

An accomplished actor, King starred as Chico in the 1974 film “Lords of Flatbush” opposite Sylvester Stallone and Henry Winkler. King also played the president in 2004’s “The Day After Tomorrow” and made his feature film debut in 1972’s “Slaughterhouse-Five”. King also starred as Cody Allen in the television series “Riptide”.

King is also an avid motorcyclist, enjoying both on- and off-road riding. King also supplies the staff of his 500-acre cattle farm with bikes instead of horses to work the property.

“Perry King is more than a Hollywood personality, he is a lifelong motorcyclist and one of the most poised and dedicated representatives of the motorcycling community,” says Dingman. “Perry is not only passionate about motorcycling but is passionate about the AMA, as well. He recognizes the importance of the AMA in protecting the future of motorcycling.”

King says that the major issues facing the North West region include land-use, noise, drinking and riding and the public image of motorcycling and “the apparent inability of the American public to see motorcycles as smart, fuel-efficient and practical vehicles for the future.”