Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support

We have the technology…

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Apr. 24, 2008
Alpinestars has unveiled a new protective device for motorcycle riders that may not make you better, stronger, or faster than the Six Million Dollar Man, but it can keep you safer.

The Bionic Neck Support (BNS) is a protective neck brace that works to reduce the risk of neck injury by redirecting the path of pressure that could compress the neck. When worn with a helmet, the BNS will reduce the amount of pressure passing through the neck, preventing possible fractures and muscular injuries.

The BNS is made of a light-weight carbon composite frame which Alpinestars says will provide better protection than soft ‘neck roll’-type devices that can be damaged or deformed in normal use, which lessens their effectiveness.

Alpinestars' new Bionic Neck Support distributes pressure to reduce the risk of neck injury.The BNS features several bending and fracture points to absorb the pressures of an impact through its rear stabilizer. A one-piece continuous frame runs over the shoulders to protect the collarbone with an expanded foam compound that distributes the force of impact over a wide area.

As with all riding equipment, proper fit is critical. The BNS uses the X-strap system to secure the device to a rider using a small strap that can be worn over or under a jersey. A larger A-strap assembly is available as a separate accessory to provide a tighter fit. The BNS is also adjustable to fit riders of varying neck sizes and has mounting points to allow integration with other Alpinestars accessories.

Available in three sizes, the Bionic Neck Support will be available in August at a suggested price of US$679.95.