Adventure series explores ancient Silk Road

Riders traveled 8,000 miles through eight countries over 53 days

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Apr. 03, 2008
A new DVD series chronicles the journey of a group of motorcycle riders along one of the world’s oldest trade routes.

The GlobeRiders Silk Road Adventure follows an expedition led by GlobeRiders founder Helge Pedersen, as they make the 8,000 mile journey from Istanbul, Turkey to Xian, China, via motorcycle.

“We’ve put together a mixture of raw motorcycle adventure, wonderful cultural interactions and incredible nature and landscapes encountered by our group of motorcycle travelers,” says Pedersen. “We hope the shows will fascinate and inspire the audience whether they’re riders or just love travel adventure.”

The Silk Road is a series of trade routes connecting China to the Mediterranean Sea. First established in 114 BC, the Silk Road is credited as an important factor in the historical development of Chinese, Egyptian, Persian and Roman trade. The modern route presented Pedersen’s expedition with difficult riding conditions and harsh weather.

The two-disc series provides a look at the difficulties faced by the 18-rider team on the 53-day journey through eight countries. Expedition members share their experience and insights on learning the history and culture of the Silk Road, as well as the challenges involved in making such a long trek.

“To create a four-hour documentary from over 80 hours of footage is an adventure in itself,” says series producer Sterling Noren. “When you’re on an adventure like this, everywhere you point your camera has a story … the video could easily have been twice as long, we had so much great material to work with.”

Shot entirely in high-definition, the GlobeRiders Silk Road Adventure is the fifth motorcycle adventure DVD series released by Pedersen in three years. It has a suggested retail price of US$29.95.