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2-stroke bike converted for natural gas

Technology set for commercial use in the Philippines

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, May. 23, 2008
New York-based Energtek Inc. has converted a two-stroke motorcycle engine to run on natural gas.

Energtek adapted a Yamaha RS100T with a sidecar with its Adsorbed Natural Gas (ANG) technology and plans to produce thousands of similar two- and three-wheeled vehicles in the Philippines.

Two-stroke engine motorcycles and tricycles are popular in the Philippines due to their low costs and high durability, but they also produce higher levels of emissions. High levels of pollution are becoming a vital concern in the southeast Asian nation and the Philippine government is now attempting to limit the use of two-stroke gasoline engines.

“Energtek’s technology provides a solution for the country’s more than two million tricycle drivers to continue to operate their vehicles, preventing them from suffering a loss of livelihood that would have been brought on had they been forced to stop using them,” says Ariel P. Lim, special advisor to Philippine president Gloria Arroyo on Public Transport Affairs. “We are very excited about the conversion to natural gas of many of the country’s two-stroke engine vehicles and expect that it will drastically reduce the Philippines’ high pollution levels.”

Natural gas is cheaper, cleaner and more plentiful than oil. It can be obtained in more regions of the world than crude oil and does not require the expensive refining process that converts oil to gasoline. Composed primarily of methane, natural gas is cleaner burning than gasoline or diesel, producing fewer emissions.

“Millions of two-stroke vehicles powered by gasoline are causing severe pollution, particularly in nations where they represent a large percentage of motor vehicles,” says Lev Zaidenberg, chief executive officer for Energtek. “We are pleased to present the Filipino people with a practical solution to allow low-income drivers to continue operating their existing vehicles, using clean and affordable natural gas. Utilizing abundant Natural Gas resources provides substantial environmental benefits and reduces equivalent fuel costs by more than fifty percent.”

Energtek’s ANG technology provides a more efficient method of storing natural gas than conventional measures, allowing for easier storage and refueling at lower costs. It also allows for smaller containers that would be suitable for small vehicles such as motorcycles.