2011 Honda CB1000R, CBR250R Pricing

Honda takes aim at Kawasaki Ninja 250R

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Dec. 01, 2010
American Honda has released pricing for its new 2011 CB1000R naked and CBR250R beginner’s bike.

The 2011 Honda CBR250R will arrive in American dealerships in spring 2011 with a sticker price of $3,999, with the ABS-equipped version coming in at $4,499. At $3,999, the CBR250R is priced to match the Kawasaki Ninja 250R which is currently the sales leader in that segment.

Honda is being even more competitive north of the brorder with Honda Canada offering the CBR250R (CN$4,499 while the ABS version is priced at CN$4,999, matching the price of the non-ABS Ninja 250R.

Powered by a fuel-injected single-cylinder engine with a six-speed transmission, the CBR250R claims a power output of 26hp at 8500rpm while torque peaks at 17 ft-lb. at 7000rpm.

2011 Honda CBR250R

The 2011 Honda CB1000R will come with an MSRP of $10,999. The CB1000R is powered by a CBR1000RR-derived 998cc inline four engine Honda says is tuned for low-end and mid-range power. Performance figures have not been released but the 2010 version (available in Europe as the Honda Hornet) claims 123hp at 10000rpm and 73 ft-lb. at 7750rpm.

Oddly enough, Amerian Honda will not offer an ABS-equipped version of the CB1000R. The ABS version however will be the only version of the CB1000R offered by Honda Canada, available for an MSRP of CN$13,999.

2011 Honda CB1000R

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