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2010 Can-Am Spyder clutch recall

Sticky clutches on optional semi-automatic transmissions

BRP is issuing a recall on the 2010 Can-Am Spyder RS and RT models with semi-automatic transmissions.

The recall is for sticky clutches in the SE5 semi-automatic transmission, available as an option for Can-Am Spyder RS and RT models.

According to documents filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Can-Am Spyders equipped with the clutch in the SE5 semi-automatic transmission system may stick when coming to a full stop, causing the engine to stall.

Should this happen, the engine will not re-start and the rear wheel could become blocked, making it very difficult to push the Spyder off of the road and away from traffic.

Approxiamately 1,200 Can-Am Spyders are affected by the clutch recall.

BRP received 13 reports of sticky clutches between March 11 and May 17, and after investigating the reports, determined the cause of the problem and issued a voluntary recall.

The recall is expected to include approximately 1,200 units. BRP dealers will update the centrifugal clutch assembly with a new weight roller, gasket ring, sealing washer and gasket at no charge.

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