2009 Supershow offered something for all

Consumer show spanned seven halls

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Jan. 05, 2009
While admittedly there were few, if any new bikes in attendance at the 2009 North American International Motorcycle Supershow that avid Internet surfers werenít already familiar with, thatís not to say the show had little to offer. In fact, quite the contrary is true. Show attendees could shoot pictures and straddle the bikes they have been dreaming about in magazines and web pages all year long plus much, much more.

Measuring 425,000 square feet spanning seven halls, the consumer show offered nearly everything surrounding the world of motorcycles for everyone from those who have a general interest all the way up to the clinically obsessed. Now in its 33rd year, the show has not only grown in size, but has diversified to include bike trailers, RVís ATVs and scooters. The show also featured outrageous custom choppers, trikes and over 500 exhibitors to check out. Among the classic and vintage bikes sat old BSAs, Nortons and even a Vincent Black Shadow. Offering something for every rider from the beginner to expert, the Supershow boasted vendors willing to offer Learn to Ride courses as well as full on track day racing programs.

Bar Hodgson and his team brought the 2008 land speed record attempting Team Arrow Bonneville Streamliner. Heavily dismantled after a 180 mph crash, the inner workings of the bike were on display. Looking more like an atomic bomb than a motorcycle, it was fascinating to get a close-up look at such a mammoth machine that was built with one goal in mind - speed.

The 2009 Supershow featured racers such as the MX Stars of Tomorrow.It was impossible not to notice the huge amount of used bikes for sale on the premises in the Used Bike Markets as well as the plethora of new 2008 models with hugely discounted price tags. A sign of the economic times, indeed. Those who can afford to buy sure got themselves a good deal.

Interesting folks like Lawrence Hacking brought his Dakar bike and custom builder Steve Broyles brought his latest and greatest creations. Authors Don Norris, Michelle Duff, Mark Richardson, Jeremy Kroeker and photographer Kal Commodore were also on hand over the weekend to sign their latest books.

Whether attendees walked away with gear, accessories, the contract for a new bike or just a smile on their face, nobody left the North American International Motorcycle Supershow empty handed.

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