The new electric-powered Gratis X1 personal watercraft is now available to order through Free Form Factory’s website.

“We are thrilled to unveil the world’s first electric, stand-up personal watercraft. With the Gratis X1, riders will experience a powerful, fun and quiet ride on some of the most pristine waterways on earth,” said Founder and CEO of Free Form Factory Jordan Darling. “Free of the restrictions imposed on gas-powered watercraft, the Gratis X1 gives riders of all levels the ability to explore lakes, rivers and oceans they could only dream about riding before.”

To ensure riders get the most of each trip to the water, Free Form Factory has built the Gratis X1 with the ability to be charged anywhere with a standard 110v electrical outlet or with a propane-based generator.

In line with typical rider usage time of a gas-powered PWC, the Gratis X1 ride time featuring the integrated power pack is up to 45 minutes and up to 1 hour, with the additional 3.3 kWh power pack.

“Access and ease of use are two very important requests from riders of personal watercrafts. No other PWC offers you the freedom to choose where you want to ride, when you want to ride and how to charge your ride, like the Gratis X1,” said Darling.

The new PWC uses Zero Motorcycles’s Z-Force drivetrain technology and Free Form Factory’s patented manufacturing process and proprietary HULKLITE polymer material.

“We are proud that Free Form Factory has chosen Zero’s Z-Force powertrain for the Gratis X1,” said Jim Callahan, director of business development for Zero Motorcycles. “We are excited to help provide water sports enthusiasts with an exhilarating emissions-free experience.” When asked whether this is the start of more products being powered by Zero powertrains, Callahan commented, “We’re always looking for projects that would be a perfect fit for the Zero powertrain. Since jet skis are like motorcycles for the water, this was a perfect fit. Are we going to see other mass-produced products powered by Zero? Hell yes!”

The deck and hull components of the Gratis X1 are 100 percent recyclable while the trim and excess material from Free Form Factory’s patented thermoform process is reused to build the next Gratis X1 hull and deck.

“Every step of the manufacturing process is modeled with the highest of green standards possible in mind, with superior performance. We believe it is important to reduce our negative impact on the environment and we are determined to reach our goal of zero waste,” said Darling.

The lightweight polymer deck and hull allows for the Gratis X1 to support the weight of the battery while remaining the same weight as an average stand-up personal watercraft.

Every major component of the Gratis X1 is built in the United States. Final assembly is completed in Sacramento, California. Price for the Gratis X1 starts at $17,990, and deliveries are expected by Q4 2017.

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  • mikstr

    Emissions-free? Hardly. Guess they have never visited the numerous coal plants responsible for generating all that electricity… they should call them what they really are: DEVs, or Displaced Emissions Vehicles….

  • GreggJ

    Actually, as of April 1st, 2016, only 33% of the electricity produced in the USA came from coal. Here is the source:
    Since that report was a year ago, and electricity generation from coal has been dropping every year, it might be down to 31% by now. So, not quite emissions free, but a heck of lot less than a gasoline powered PWC, particularly when you consider how much energy it takes to produce a gallon of gasoline.

    • mikstr

      ok, so add the 33% from natural gas, then the 6% from hydro (veritable methane factories, a gas that is estimated to be about 30 times more harmful than CO2 when it comes to heat retention) and it hardly gets better. Until such time as we have a true source of clean electricity, electric vehicles just serve to displace the emissions source….

  • JWaller

    Electricity and water. What could possibly go wrong?

    • Tinwoods

      You’re joking, of course.


    They would have had better sales with a sit down model. Stand up watercraft sales are all but dead.

  • Bananapants Ficklefart

    I’m assuming this is a lith ion battery. Google “Lithium + water” and enjoy. I don’t care HOW watertight they say it is.

    This is an overzealous treehugger’s crony capitalist wet dream. Until the lawsuits roll in.

    • Tinwoods

      Treehugger? Another backward thinking TrumpBot speaks. You get that we’re all shitting wear we live, right?

      • Bananapants Ficklefart

        Trumpbot? I would’ve voted for Rand, but he didn’t make it to Virginia. So pound it up your a@#, snowflake.

        Anything’s better than HIllary though. So, kindly DIAF.