This just in from the Too Much Of Everything Is Just Enough Department: Nothing exceeds like excess! And we found two great examples. First, we give you excess in the form of a R6-powered lawnmower:

Yeah, we know the video quality sucks, but did you notice the space between the ground and the front tires?

Next, we bring you excessive excess, a Hayabusa-powered lawnmower:

At least this guy was smart enough to outfit the mower with a wheelie bar!

  • Dootin

    All the cool things one could put a Hayabusa engine in and you chose this.

    • spiff

      Search youtube for a Hayabusa powered smart car.

  • Douglas

    Well, lawn mower racing has become high sport… some circles, and it’s prolly a million laffs if you don’t tip over…..but the sanctioning bodies might outghta limit engine size to, say, 1200cc., for H-D motors, and around 750 for others.

  • DickRuble

    That’s what happens when you watch too many episodes of Home Improvement. Tim would be proud. Next, a Hayabusa powered power-washer.

  • Mec-One

    He gonna have to drag a shoulder trying to turn that …….

  • Starmag

    Thanks Evans, those were goopid (good stupid). All that effort on the R6 one and the lamest camera work ever. The Hayabusa racing that Cobra/whatever was really flying. That guy is nuts going that fast on a high center of gravity, short wheel base. narrow track mower. Just the type to do that conversion in the first place.

  • 12er

    Ah I miss the old speed TV, mower racing, powerboats, basically anything but what FSN became.

  • Alright, so who’s going to be first to add a turbo?