So, you think you’ve got throttle control and can get your motorcycle to do your bidding? Think again, Sparky. Although this video has been around a while, it still demonstrates jaw-dropping bike control technique that just might give even GOAT Valentino Rossi pause. Gymkhana ain’t easy, and notching a good time takes tons of skill. Your resident MOrons have even partaken of the sport a few times, but jeepers creepers, seeing this rider toss a CBR600RR around like it’s a little 125 sends chills down our collective spines. If you’ve got some time to kill, we can’t think of a better way than to give this video a couple viewings.

Moto Gymkhana

  • Gabriel Owens

    It has handle bars. Cheating. 😄

    • Fivespeed302

      I just noticed it too, and I’ve seen this a few times.

  • Brent Jaswinski

    Dayum! I got dizzy just watching.

  • DickRuble

    Bet you he can’t do it with a DCT. Besides, the guy must be from Japan or something ’cause here in the good ol’ USA the only time we don’t go in straight line is when we’re completely wasted.

  • Old MOron

    Gymkhana is fun!
    If you live in the greater Hell A area, you can give it a try in just over two weeks’ time.

    • Matt F

      I second this… I’m a regular at M-Gymkhana and James is an awesome teacher!

  • SRMark

    It’s official. Everybody else sucks.

  • BDan75

    Not to take away from the rider’s skill–it’s nuts–but I’m thinking that filming from this angle (i.e., no perspective on the course being ridden, compression of distance due to zoom) tends to make it look a little more impressive than it actually is.

    No, I’m not saying I could do it. Just sayin’…

    • Douglas

      It’s plenty impressive no matter what “angle” it’s shot from….to me one of the most amazing things is learning that course to run it that fast and without even touching a cone. It was mentioned the rider is a pro stunter, but I read somewhere that when the vid was made (about 7 yrs ago, I think), he was a test rider for Honda.

      There are lots a really good clips on Utube of high level riding….another is the riding school for Japanese motor officers (many of which are ladies!) with their police bikes….trying to lose one of them might be futile. Also several good ones of police drill teams and maneuvering training (Vancouver stands out). Check them out.


    I’ve seen that video around before, that’s a stunt rider. The high bars do help but that is real skill that the only people I’ve ever seen do that in person are people who race dirt bikes at a top level.

  • Mariofz1

    He is on a 600, that’s “easy”. watch this lady do them same on a 550 lb ZRX1200

    • DickRuble

      The exhaust pipe seems oddly undersized for a zzR 1200.

    • I now acknowledge that I am officially a shit rider!

  • Mark Vizcarra

    You know, that GIANT REAR SPROCKET helps too. And they are probably running autoclutches

    • DickRuble

      autoclutches? what’s that?

  • badluckbill

    This makes wheelies, burnouts, and loud pipes look stupid.

    • DickRuble

      You don’t need to see this to know that. But you get an upvote anyway.


    he uses that rubber on the sides of the tires well!

  • Merely confirms what I have maintained since 1973 when I first rode a Honda – they always have their footrests too low on the bike!

    Very skilful throttle and brake control. Reminds me in a small way of how I used to practise riding when I was 18 years old: I’d turn the handlebars to the stops and then stand on the pegs, use angle of lean plus throttle and rear brake only and turn tight circles. I can’t do it these days but found it a breeze back then. Mind you, I had a 250 Suzuki back then that weighed about 5 kilos! These days am trying to do it on my 208kgs 955i Triumph Daytona!

  • Patriot159

    How to wear out toe sliders in less than 2 minutes!


    Burns again. I knew it.

  • juan rodriguez

    yea i put a set of bars on my 600rr now i like it even better made in germany kit satu hati one heart