Here we have an unmistakably British satirical video about the making of the Triumph Rocket III. The video appears to have been commissioned by Triumph back in 2007, and it’s sure to raise a smile on the face of gearheads who appreciate dry English humor. Witness how engineers added its center of gravity, an engine grown from an embryo, and power being dropped in by the spoonful to create Triumph’s XL cruiser.


  • Craig Hoffman

    “Argument juice is added from the argument lobe of the female brain to allow the finished bike to change direction in an instant, improving handling. The same technology is used in modern fighter planes.” Now that is funny 😛

    Funny thing is, some of the latest touring barges outweigh the R3. Have not ridden one, but no doubt that gruntmaster engine is a thing to behold!

  • Born to Ride

    Old video, still hilarious.

    • Gabriel Owens

      Very old

  • Mad4TheCrest

    Gotta love British Humor. Gotta love the Rocket III too. I doubt Triumph moves many of these behemoths because of the sheer size and weight of the things, but that big Triple engine is impressive. One of the more entertaining test rides of my life.

    • Jon Jones

      Rode a customer’s Rocket III and told him to look me up when he wants to sell it.

  • blansky

    Finally a real inside look at how bikes are built.

  • Bubba Blue

    I don’t get British humor. I never thought Benny Hill was funny, I never thought Upstairs, Downstairs or Are You Free was funny. I get where they’re going with it, what the’re they’re going after, but it doesn’t make me laugh.