Here at, we’re fond of posting videos of people doing silly things on motorcycles. Sometimes, we post videos that should be a lesson to us all. Only occasionally do we find a video that meets the criteria of being truly MOronic. In this action-packed video, 58 members of the Indian army find a way to ride a motorcycle for more than a kilometer down an airport runway. After watching this video a few times, we’re certain that something this silly could only be pulled off by a military organization. Look at the precision with which they undertook the task. Impressive effort by all – well, maybe not by the one guy who failed to climb aboard the rolling flash mob.

So, sit back and enjoy.

  • DickRuble

    1) Was the motorcycle a Royal Enfield? Was that the Interceptor?
    2) Is that how they ride into battle?
    3) Do they also have one gun for 58 recruits?

    • Sayyed Bashir

      Must be a Harley.

      • Loki Pushparaj

        They used a Royal Enfield 500cc motorcycle.

        • Gruf Rude

          Amazing what can be done with the low-tech Royal Enfields. One of the most incredible adventure ride videos ever filmed is, “Riding Solo to the Top of the World.” A guy from India rides his 350cc Royal Enfield to the top of the Himalayan border between India and China and single-handedly videos the whole ride with full-sized professional video equipment. Stunning camera work; it received numerous international film awards. That simple little Royal Enfield chugged over 16,000 foot mountain passes hauling all that gear the whole way; makes BMW GS riders look like weenies . . .

          • DickRuble

            Numerous international film awards, all at festivals held in India. Only nominated at the Calgary international film festival.

      • HazardtoMyself

        Yep, big ugly slow poor handling machine that takes 50 guys to get running. Definitely a Harley.

  • Starmag

    If only our army did this instead of what they normally do, I wouldn’t mind paying for it with my taxes as much.

  • Larry Kahn

    Gonna need a clutch..

  • Sayyed Bashir

    Did anyone figure out why they were wearing those orange, white and green jackets and helmets? Because those are the colors of the flag of India, which also has a spoked motorcycle wheel in the middle.

  • Mahatma

    That is awesome!Wonder if they upgraded the suspension there…

    • DickRuble

      Definitely. They upgraded to no suspension.

  • Gruf Rude

    Must be some seriously advanced tire technology involved to handle that kind of GVWR . . .

  • kenneth_moore

    What is it with Indians and Pakistanis that makes them want to pile ridiculous numbers of people on a single motorcycle? A few years ago there was a video going around that showed Paki Army guys balanced on vertical and horizontal ladders on a moving motorcycle. Here in the US our police motor rodeos are just one rider trying to avoid crashing.

  • Holy Kaw!

    Clearly, that was Awesome. Well done.

    I would have paid a dollar to see the manner of dismount at the rides conclusion… Hey, it would have been funny! They were in the Army, they knew what they were signing up for! 🙂

    I’d also buy the Guy that rode a motorcycle with 57 passengers a Beer. I can hear that conversation now… “In My Country, All the old women screeching about us not having DOT helmets and every other form of safety gear known to Man!!!”

  • What a hoot! Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  • mugwump

    This kind of stuff, OK not so extreme, used to be part of the circuses I went to as a child, pyramids and the like…I don’t think circuses are allowed anymore though, are they?

  • Steve C

    Isn’t that just normal mass transportation in that part of the world?