We at MO test the full gamut of motorcycles from cruisers to sportbikes and everything in between. While we are sad to see any relatively long-standing motorcycle model line vanish from production, we think the backlash regarding Harley-Davidson ending the Dyna line has gotten a bit ridiculous, just like the video below. Take a break out of your busy day for a couple of laughs with the video below, but if you’re at work, put in some headphones and prepare for some choice words from one of the most hated men in history.

Harley-Davidson Introduces All New 2018 Softail Line

  • TheMarvelous1310

    This is the funniest thing ever.

    • Larry Kahn

      Google “Hitler motorcycle parody”. A few others at least as funny.

  • Bill Davis

    He’s right about the FXR.

  • Perfect use of that clip… Steiner to Dyna was perfect, lol.

  • mikeinkamloops

    Gotta say, I just rode a couple of the 2018 Softtails. The new Fat Bob is by far the fastest, best handling Harley I’ve ever ridden. Took out a 114 on a bumpy, twisty road I know well. It was downright amazing. No wobble, no weave, no nothing weird, just flat out fun. Also took out a Heritage, and again, for a semi-bagged, just amazing. I thought I’d miss the Dynas, but, no…

    • Larry Kahn

      I took a ride on some Dyna model and it helped me understand why Harley riders went so slow. What a fat clumsy pos. Good to hear you feel the new ones are better. I like the looks of a couple of them.

      • Tom Dinchuk

        Take a ride on an older Dyna superglide sport ; only made a few years but a great bike. You might change your mind.

      • David Kraft

        This bike will be back. They are never gone as they just get a different name or paint job.

    • Derrial

      Read motorcycle dot com’s “Bagger’s Brawl” article. In it they reviewed the new Milwaukee 8 engine and 3 of its competitors. The reviewers stated that the Milwaukee 8 engine was underwhelming and underpowered compared to the competition.

      Comically one editor stated that the transmission was so noisy that it sounded like 2 trains mating. The Harley had no edge in handling either, maybe it’s the fastest and best handling Harley you’ve ever ridden but not when compared to offerings from their competition…

      The only thing it did do favorably was to edge out the competition in comfort, the reviewers all chose the Harley for comfort, not for performance, looks, or handling.

      • mikeinkamloops

        I was talking about the new Harley Softtail models, not the baggers. But as far as baggers go, I’d pick comfort (and I did) over the other items when taking me and the missus across the country.

      • toomanycrayons

        “…reviewers all chose the Harley for comfort….”-Derrial

        Voted: Most Likely To…resemble a La-Z-Boy?

      • spiff

        They have addressed the transmission noise. Check out this video. They interview two engineers. One chassis guy, and an engine guy. Kind of long, but the interview part was very good.


        • toomanycrayons

          Pretty impressive/obvious solutions for all those things which #weren’t a problem just a few days ago? It’s like listening to a Honda Civic sales rep say that Civics aren’t noisy, but the new, improved!!! one is even quieter. Uh huh? Basically, HD has just announced the HD you own is crap. Keep waxing. Tears can be corrosive.

      • Paragon Lost

        This Bagger’s Brawl article?

        Where the Harley tied for first place with the Indian?

  • SteveSweetz

    Old motorcycle guys: we got all the hottest internet memes from 5 years ago!

    Next week we’re going to post a picture of a Ducati upon which is sitting a cat with a lime on its head, you’re gonna love it.

  • Starmag

    The Dyna’s demise is “unshocking”.

  • Neil Forker

    That was ficking historical, er hysterical

  • Vince L

    Sad to hear the Dyna is going by the wayside and I like the look of them just from a historical perspective. My brother has one and I have to say I really felt uncomfortable on it. It felt cumbersome and braking was almost scary. But that doesn’t really mean anything for Harley fans. I picked up an older tube Buell, which I think will ferment into a unique classic one day and another line Harley bailed on.

  • BigCatfish

    Any tears for the V-Rod?

    • toomanycrayons

      Before, or after, riding one for 15-20 minutes?

      • spiff


  • CW Stoddard

    Dyna Schmyna!
    If it ain’t an old Shovel, Pan or Knuckle that you know every nut and bolt of…get off the road and jump in your Subaru!

    • toomanycrayons

      Not if your hefty trailer queen needs to got up longish hills, and your Subbie has a CVT, apparently:

      ‘”Your vehicle is designed and intended to be used primarily as a passenger-carrying vehicle.Towing a trailer puts additional loads on your vehicle’s engine, drivetrain, brakes, tires and suspension and has an adverse effect on fuel economy. “CVT MODEL “When towing a trailer without brakes. 1,000 lbs (453 kg) When towing a trailer with brakes. 2,700 lbs (1,224 kg) When towing a trailer on a long uphill grade continuously for over 5 miles (8 km) 1,350 lbs.”‘

      (Best Answer) https://www.cargurus.com/Cars/Discussion-t58701_ds696714

  • mikstr

    “Everyone is so upset about Harley-Davidson ending the Dyna line.”

    Sorry, but I truly couldn’t care less… build a motorcycle, not a posercycle, and maybe I’ll give a damn…..

  • Auphliam

    I understand people grow attached to things of this nature, but at some point you gotta move forward. As small as we might think this step is, it’s big for the MoCo. I think the new bikes look great, and while I’ve not ridden one myself yet, from all I’ve read and seen, they perform much better than the Dyna ever did…and the new LowRider looks the tits, IMO. So what’s all the bitchin about? People can’t possibly be that attached to two mediocre shock absorbers.

  • Al Turner

    I’m glad I have a Road King. I was thinking about buying a Dyna as well, but I guess now it’ll probably be a sporty 1200.