Our wisdom comes from our experience, and our experience comes from our foolishness. – Sacha Guitry

Today, two MOrons set out to pursue one of their bucket list rides, namely an Iron Butt Association Saddlesore 1000. What is a Saddlesore 1000, you ask? It entails riding a motorcycle – and documenting the ride in exquisite detail – for 1000 miles within a timed 24 hour period. Why would we do something so foolish? There are any number of reasons. For myself, I can only say that the Saddlesore 1000 has exhibited a gravitational pull on me since I started riding motorcycles. I have an affinity for doing stupid things. That’s why I’ve ridden in 24 hour races, taken a Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra on an 800 mile round trip to the Arctic Ocean – over gravel roads – and wore anti-George W Bush t-shirts on a ride through Texas in 2005. While maybe not the smartest things to do, they’ve enabled me to live an extremely interesting life.

Of course, I could always claim some kind of higher pursuit and find endless quotes to add a sense of scholarship to the undertaking. (“The only source of knowledge is experience.” – Albert Einstein, “Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” – Helen Keller, ”The mountain is the mountain, and we are the people who go there.” – Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, etc.)

The real reason for this trip was the desire to rack up some big miles on a pair of Harleys, specifically the Electra Glide Ultra Classic and the Road Glide Ultra. Our intention was to explore the differences between touring bikes with a fork-mounted fairing versus a frame-mounted fairing using a pair of reasonably similar motorcycles. This ride would do just that.

And Tom Roderick was just crazy enough to volunteer to do this ride with me. Will spending 24 hours together riding strengthen our friendship or destroy it? We’ll know in 1,440 minutes.

So, strap on your gear and (virtually) hit the road with us. Barring technical difficulty, we’ll be broadcasting our location and fun tidbits throughout the 24 hours of the ride. Knowing that somebody is watching us will help us keep going in the wee hours of the morning.

Live feed of the Motorcycle.com American Iron Butt Saddlesore 1000 on Spotwalla

  • Starmag

    Good luck on your trip guys. Ride safe.

    This might be more interesting on the smallest bike that could manage enough speed, rather than one of the largest. Of course it’s easy to volunteer someone else’s butt for such a thing, but maybe there’s a Diamond Butt pin for it.

  • Kevin Polito

    Part of the motivation is the intriguing question, “Can I do this?” I did a SS1K in 2001 and another in 2002.

  • Buzz

    You’ll even get a license plate frame.

    A friend of mine has done it twice.

    I’ve done a few 600+ mile days but don’t have a SS1000 in my bucket.


    The gauntlet has been thrown.

  • Mahatma

    If you were real men you’d do it on sportbikes 😉

    Good luck with the trip.

    • DickRuble

      On 250cc two strokes.. no less

    • Douglas

      Naw, a Sportster…..or a Bonneville…..

  • Hey! Are you making fun of how I put quotes before my stories?

    • Evans Brasfield

      You’re not the only one who’s been influenced by great literaahchure.

  • Old MOron

    Wow, this is so cool. I love following along. But –
    It doesn’t look good for our heroes, folks.

    According to Spotwalla, in the last four hours they’ve traveled approximately from West Covina to Salton City. That’s only about 150 miles. https://goo.gl/maps/2R5xa5eed4r
    At that pace, no way they’ll make the 1,000 miles in time.

    It’s fooking awesome that they’re posting pictures for us, but maybe they should limit the stops to gas and bathroom breaks.

    • TroySiahaan

      Evans tells me the cord for Tom’s electric gear fell off his bike, hence they pulled over to look for it. Otherwise the plan was to only stop for fuel. Cord wasn’t found, so it looks like Tom is in for a very cold night…

      • Old MOron

        I guess he’ll get the bike with the better fairing.
        I’ll be fun to track them.

      • Old MOron

        Since the objective is to cover distance, I guess they’re going to get on Interstate 8 and head east. Might be cold out there in the desert. But at least they’re in the low desert rather than the high desert.

      • Kevin Polito

        If you look at the log of SS1K runs on the IBA site, you’ll notice that most take place in the summer, with a big cluster in June, when the days are the longest. Most aren’t through the desert, though.

  • halfkidding

    I did it once by accident. Started in Murdo SD on the way home from a Western tour from Michigan and figured to ride to somewhere in Wisconsin and call it a day. But it was such a perfect evening I kept on going and then, it being mid summer vacation season when I finally started to look for a motel room I couldn’t find one. After about a dozen stops I said you know what it and just drove on through with a little nap. I’ll never do it on purpose. A Kawi ZZR 1200 by the way.

  • Old MOron

    Looks like they found a cord for Tom’s electric vest.
    And it looks like they’re headed north again. I wonder if they’ll take Interstate 10 or get on Hwy 95.

    • DickRuble

      The suspense is killing us…

    • Evans Brasfield

      95 out of Needles, CA.

  • Idyguy

    I did the Iron Butt 1000 on a HD Softail a few years back. It was taxing, but a great experience. We rode over 1,100 miles in 21.5 hours. Ouch! I wish the guys the best of luck.

    • allworld

      Those numbers are very close to my own experience; 1084 in 21 hours

    • Kevin Polito

      1045 miles in 18.5 hours in June 2001, 1002 miles in 18.5 hours in September 2002. Kawasaki Nomad.

  • Old MOron

    According to Spotwalla:
    9:40 PM
    84.221 MPH
    I wonder how inky-black this gets: https://goo.gl/maps/TWYMuE7ZAM12
    Keep it up, you MOrons!

  • Terry George

    Keep it up guys, doing great.

  • allworld

    “Our intention was to explore the differences between touring bikes with a fork-mounted fairing versus a frame-mounted fairing using a pair of reasonably similar motorcycles. ”
    This is a fantastic way to evaluate such differences, but having completed an Iron Butt Saddle Sore 1000 myself on a Tiger 1050, you soon realize that the mental strength and personal drive will compensate for all other factors. Good luck and stay focused.

  • Vrooom

    Can’t imagine doing that on a feet forward Harley. I’d never walk again. Did an official one on a BMW R1100RS, and a few unofficial ones on V-Stroms and Concours’. I’d want my legs under me though. And something lighter, though the Concours probably doesn’t qualify by much.

    • Hot Stuff

      Harley touring bikes aren’t really forward (compared to “forward controls”). The seating position is pretty neutral. with the floorboards, It’s like sitting on a giant scooter.

  • Old MOron

    You got busted at 03:00 AM in Tonopah?!
    Are you running those life-saving loud pipes or something?

    • GodWhomIsMike

      “You got busted at 03:00 AM in Tonopah?! Are you running those life-saving loud pipes or something?”
      Hahahahaha This made me spit water at my monitor.

    • Evans Brasfield

      Ha! Sorry, stock pipes.

      It’s a good story that you’ll have to wait to read…

  • GodWhomIsMike

    woof on the speeding ticket. Was that a speeding ticket at 3AM?!?!?!! What an ass burner!!!! 47 in a 25, looks like 1/8 of a mile off a highway too. Talk about a speed trap.

    • Evans Brasfield

      It was actually quite a positive, friendly exchange that you’ll get to read about.

  • Kevin Polito

    What happened? Did Evans and Tom complete the SS1K?

    • TroySiahaan

      Yes they did! Check the Spotwalla link above. They hit the goal at 9:04am Pacific time, with three hours to spare. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f4102c3d3cd45779b4d06f6ffc2217b073bf1cb08f3609c80f543d57e7301673.png

      • Kevin Polito

        Two thumbs up for a job well done!

      • Old MOron

        So where is the ride report?
        Don’t tell me the Duke is going soft and letting them sleep.

        • JWaller

          I’m guessing neither want to even look at or think about a motorcycle for a few days after that. And too saddle sore to sit at the computer to type.

        • Evans Brasfield

          We wanted extra miles to account for any potential odometer error. Also, we needed to meet with the videographer for the wrap up. Story next week…

          • HazardtoMyself

            Next week? Are we not in the world of instant gratification? Don’t need the story to be well thought out, accurate or written. It just needs to be instant. Why didn’t you both have your laptops up on the bars?

            Never mind, take your time. Can’t wait to hear how you hopefully talked yourselves out of the performance award.

  • Paragon Lost

    These days I’m good for upwards of 800 miles in a day, but after that I want to spend a day with downtime. I’ll have to see about trying to do 1000 in a twenty four period at some point.

    When I was younger, twenty five years ago or so, I was definitely able to handle those long 1000 mile rides, did it all the time back then.

    Edit: forgot to mention, really look forward to reading the article after this is all over. 🙂

  • SullyCuse

    Will there be a follow up to this soon? My buddies and I are going attempt a Saddle Sore 1000 and Bun Burner 1500 in June. Would love to see your follow up on your ride.