Kyle Katsandris is quickly becoming an internet sensation after posting the video below. What’s so special about the it? Oh nothing – just the fact that Katsandris jumped across a California freeway in broad daylight. To save you the suspense, yes, he landed successfully and no, nobody was harmed in the process. In fact, we wonder how many car drivers below, droning along on the empty freeway, even noticed the second or two there was a man flying over them on a dirt bike.

Nonetheless, the potentially dangerous stunt and the accompanying video is sparking an outcry and local authorities are investigating to determine further action. Considering the video is posted to Katsandris’s own social media channels, it shouldn’t be too hard to track him down. It’s only a matter of time before we post an update on Katsandris’s legal proceedings. In the meantime, enjoy the video. And before you ask, we have no idea why it was recorded in such low quality.

  • Kid Thunder

    Where’s my check book honey?

  • Michael Howard

    What a dump. No wonder he’s selling it. 😉

  • Michael Howard

    Totally rad (or cool or bitchin’ or badass or whatever) how the road users’ well-being (and possibly their children’s) were jeopardized without their knowledge or consent.

    [I’m officially an old man now that the world seems to be filling up with self-centered asshats. Get the #u@( off my lawn!]

    • Old MOron

      Oh, I don’t think this is any worse than, say, texting and driving.
      In fact it was probably carefully planned and executed.
      I say, “Bravo!”

      • Michael Howard

        I agree that it’s about on par with texting and driving — which is also extremely selfish, stupid and dangerous.

        • Old MOron

          I think I frown more on texting.

          • Michael Howard

            Oh, I totally understand. And I have absolutely no problem with people being selfish, stupid and dangerous. I’m guilty of it myself. I just try not to do it on public roads around innocent bystanders. Anymore. 😉

  • Paragon Lost

    240p in 2017 is the best he could have that filmed?

  • Born to Ride

    Stupid, but badass.

  • Alexander Pityuk

    Now, let’s see what should we do about that in 2017… Here it is – punish him by death! Oh, c’mon, just kidding – 70 years in prison will do ya.
    20 years ago, without youtube, it would go unnoticed by both public and authorities. And for the good…

  • Auphliam

    Of course there’s an outcry. That’s kind of all we do these days.

    • Buzz

      Being outraged is a virtue these days. Bonus points for being Super Duper outraged and being quoted by local news.

  • Stuki Moi

    Well, with bridges and overpasses either crumbling or not built at all…….

    Today’s dirt bike (and riders) are bloody amazing! Why do we even need roads at all anymore?

  • TC

    I live about ten miles from that spot. Teenagers are defined by their lack of impulse control, so I’m sure this seemed like a really good idea at the time.

  • Numbone

    This is why Trump’s wall will never work. People will always find a way to escape.