We’re not big fans of the extended-swingarm sportbike scene, as such modifications have deleterious effects to a motorcycle. And yet these kinds of bikes remain relevant to many riders, especially to those in parts of the country with a dearth of twisty roads. And, if your preconceived notion is that riders of bikes with extended wheelbases don’t know how to ride, you might need to reevaluate.

Case in point, the rider of the Hayabusa in the video below, who displays a mastery of his bike’s handling despite a wheelbase longer than many cars. His deft balance of front brake and throttle allow him to pivot the Busa in lovely slow-speed drifts that look elegant for such aggressive maneuvers. And it appears as if the extended wheelbase adds desirable stability during silly stunts like this, making moto drifting easier. Almost makes me want to attempt it myself!

  • spiff

    I agree that the wheelbase is an asset in this case.

    • Sallie

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  • Born to Ride

    Yeah… Gymkhana is still far more impressive. And put some damn gloves on at least!

  • Cami

    So, that’s what happens to all the stolen motorcycles…

  • G.A Craane

    Good to see my island being represented.

    Those guys are drifters, those extended wheelbases give them more time to create momentum, so they can keep swiping the bike from left to right, without hitting the guard rails (just like how drift cars would do it) we call it fever. Driving straight is for pussy,s and if there is nowhere to drive off straight while speeding you go sideways. everybody can drive straight, almost no one outside of ABC islands can drift a bike on high speed while keeping it balanced, with 2 or 3 people on top of the bike. We do not do stuff that everybody does, we invent new stuff.

    The people that do not wear gears are usually boys that drive 600cc bikes from when they where 15/16. when you’re around 20 years old (on Aruba, Bonaire or Curaçao) you have to be able to drift or dragrace on a 1000+ superbike. Else you’re not relevant.

    • Jon Jones

      Thanks for sharing…

  • TronSheridan

    Most pointless use of a sportbike I’ve ever seen.

  • Ian Parkes