Remember Kyle Katsandris? Of course you do; he’s the guy who jumped his Kawasaki KX450 over the 60 freeway in Los Angeles not too long ago, causing a buzz all over social media and the internet as a whole (and also sparked an investigation by the California Highway Patrol). Well, it appears that his internet fame has caught up with him, as his latest stunt didn’t go so well.

According to reports, Katsandris’ latest trick was to jump over train tracks in Simi Valley, California, following the footsteps of Colin Morrison, who successfully completed the jump three times a decade ago, twice over a moving train. Except in Katsandris’ attempt, a bump at the lip of the jump launched him over the handlebars, where he then crashed on the other side. He’s currently in critical but stable condition. See the NBC news report about the accident below.

  • Dootin

    He was a bad man for sure, but paid the price. Hope he gets better

  • Old MOron

    Shucks, one day you’re the hero. The next day you’re the new guy in ICU. Get well soon.

    • Dave Gonzales

      At least he hasn’t ended up as an organ donor… yet.

      • Bmwclay

        I want his heart and balls.

  • black hole

    There are old riders, and there are bold riders, but. . .

    Get well soon and learn from experience.

    • How do you explain Giacomo Agostini, Don Emde, Yvon Duhamel, Kenny Roberts, Freddie Spencer, Eddie Lawson, Kevin Schwantz, Wayne Rainey, Mick Doohan, Malcolm Smith, Preston Petty, Gary Nixon (RIP, yard work accident at age 70), John Surtees (RIP, pre-existing respiratory condition at age 83) and on, and on, and on….?

      • Eric Humphreys

        Umm, those guys you mentioned were PROFESSIONAL racers. Not amature idiots taking chances in unsafe conditions. Also, you may want to mention that Wayne Rainey is also a paraplegic now, due to his accident @ MIsano in ’93. And Doohan nearly losing his leg after crashing out of the ’92 Dutch TT.

        • Eric, which one of them exactly is/was not both an old and a bold rider?


    You give a dance you pay the band. It’s not like anyone forced him. WTFO?

  • Bryan Spears

    Hope Kyle has a speedy and full recovery. Anyone blaming Colin.. please grow up. Kyle made his own decision.

  • Mario Orsini

    Hope he recovers quickly.

  • HeDidn’tWeDid

    So far it seems he has avoided any tragic neck tattoos…so that is a positive.

  • Treeman

    Gotta give the guy credit, he’s not a coward! I hope he recovers quickly!

  • James Muhammad

    Stuff like this that makes us all look bad.

  • Jeff L

    The prior jump they refer to was NOT over the 60 freeway in Los Angeles. It was over the 60 freeway just outside Beaumont, which is about 80 miles from LA. Route 60 begins at the East L.A. interchange with I-5, I-10, and the 101, and ends when it merges with I-10 at Beaumont, so he was all the way at the other end of the 60 from L.A.