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Motul And Ural Ring In The New Year With Some Ice Racing

Recently, I logged more than 1000 miles on a Ural Gear Up. Many of those miles were spent on pavement, however, some of the most fun I had was riding it off-road. Bouncing the big three-wheeled machine through dirt trails and over rocky stream crossings was a blast. Something I didn’t have a chance to try while on the Ural, though, was riding on a frozen lake, or frozen anything for that matter.

The closest MO got to the frozen fun below was former editor Tom Roderick’s time spent playing in the snow near Ural’s U.S. headquarters in Redmond, WA, which you can read about in the link below.

2014 Ural Gear-Up Review + Video

Thankfully, Motul and Ural teamed up to ring the new year in right with a little ice racing in the Russian capital of Moscow. Complete with Christmas tree obstacles and snowmen passengers (which I am guessing had plenty of weight for ballast) riders slid their Urals around the frozen track for some light-hearted fun. Check out the video below for all of the action.

Now we just need to figure out how to get an invite for next year.

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