Just imagine the panic of crashing into the back of another racer’s motorcycle at speed and flipping over the bars. Then imagine hitting the pavement and feeling your helmet squeeze itself off your head as you slide along at 100+ mph!

That’s what Luiz Franchi had to deal with at New Jersey Motorsports Park when fellow racer Jeremy Whitehurst unexpectedly shut the throttle of his bike as he crossed the finish line after a Superstock race. Franchi was closing in on Whitehurst but came up a bit short at the checkers. Whitehurst, carrying the onboard camera, backed out of the throttle soon after reaching the finish line, which surprised Franchi who ran into Whitehurst’s bike and flipped over the front of his Yamaha R1.

As Franchi fell on his back, the impact bounced his AGV helmet off his head, despite the chin strap still being intact and attached. This makes us think he didn’t cinch it up snugly or his helmet was too large for his head. Either way, he was extremely lucky that his bare skull didn’t impact the track, which could’ve created a scene so ugly we wouldn’t be able to show it.

“This was a lot more my fault than I had originally thought,.” said Whitehurst in the video’s description. “I did not think I chopped the throttle like that after the finish line. I take responsibility for what happened and I apologize to Luiz Franchi. Live and learn. I’m glad no one was hurt and from now on, race pace into T1 after the checker.”