Almost 70 years after the creation of its first model, the Lambretta scooter has returned in the form of the 2018 Lambretta V-Special. Shown in public for the first time at EICMA on November 7, 2017, the scooter company, which is known for its cult following despite only being in production for 24 years, has teamed up with Austrian design studio KISKA (known to MO readers for the design of KTM and Husqvarna model lines) to produce a thoroughly modern Lambretta in three variations: V50 Special, V125 Special and V200 Special.

2018 Lambretta V-Special

Tasty Italian style with an Austrian influence thanks to KISKA.

The V-Special features steel construction of its chassis with other forged aluminum parts. The side panels are replaceable and can even be had in carbon-fiber, if you so desire. Of course, all engine configurations are four-stroke, Euro 4 certified units. Stopping is handled by front and rear discs.

2018 Lambretta V-Special

The V-Special’s frame is more than just a backbone surrounded by plastic.

In addition to the solid construction and modern styling, the V-Special receives a healthy dose of technology, too. All lighting is LED-based. Though the V-Special has an analog speedometer that is coupled to a digital display that delivers all the other necessary information to the rider. A smartphone app with Bluetooth connectivity is in the works.

Lambretta says that the V-Special will go into production at the end of 2017 with production models hitting Europe in March 2018. The company has plans for distributing the Lambrettas in 50 countries around the world, and we expect the U.S. to be one of them.

2018 Lambretta V-Special

Modern instrumentation.

European pricing has already been set at EUR 2,799.00 ($3,246.00) for the V50 Special. The V125 checks in at EUR 3,399.00 ($3,942.00) and the V200 Special tops out at EUR 3,999.00 ($4,638.00).

2018 Lambretta V-Special

The Lambretta V-Special features front and rear LED lighting.

2018 Lambretta V-Special

It’s easy to see the KISKA influence in the V-Special’s headlight.

  • Alaskan18724

    Scooter power!

  • Matt O

    My disappointment is real. Title made me think it was a twin. A v-twin scooter in the 175cc range would be pretty sweet. Otherwise looks like a nice scoot


      don’t feel bad i thought that-for about a second

  • Starmag

    Now they just need a Jayne Mansfield type model for the ads.

    • Rocky Stonepebble
      • Starmag

        “Scooters are for wife-swappers”. You make that sound like a bad thing.

        I’ve had no scooters but I did have a built 455 in something. A 1970 Firebird Formula 4-speed which even with a big block handled a bit better than a Cutlass. No pictures of my lady friends with it though or I’d share them.

        • Rocky Stonepebble

          I purchased three Buick Regal Grand Nationals (’87) from new.
          Go fast with class.

        • Gloria

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      • JSTNCOL

        So, how’s your wife?

        • Rocky Stonepebble

          Deep down, she’s all right. That’s why I shoved her into that crevasse during our trip to the Rockies.


    the 200 could even go on the freeway-important where i live

  • Robotribe


    Just over 10 years ago (where the hell did the time go?), I did a self-serving exercise to imagine what a “modern Lambretta” would look like using the underpinnings of a Vespa GTS 250 (which I owned at the time) as a guide (wheelbase, seat height etc.) in a hypothetical/nerd fantasy where Piaggio would by the Lambretta marque and build modern Lambrettas using modern Vespa guts and technology.

    So, I proceeded to create illustrations of three models using Adobe Illustrator. Liking what my imagine had come up with, I posted them to the boards on an Vespa community that I frequented for fun and feedback; knowing that in reality, it was all just a pipe dream and just a fun “what if” exercise.

    Then, over the next few years, the illustrations went viral and there was genuine speculation among scooter fans around that world that these were REAL concept designs for future modern Lambretta models. They soon started to show up on different scooter-related websites and I just sat back and chuckled throughout it all.

    The news of this today really has me excited. It’s as if someone went into my brain and built the scooter I dreamed of and now I might actually get to own one. I’m not pretending for a minute that the new Lambretta company found my old drawings online and somehow they used them in any way; that’s just silly.

    I can’t wait for these to hit the street. Please please brings these to the USA, Lambretta.

    Here are those illustrations I did in 2006 if anyone’s curious:


    • Starmag

      You are obviously a hard-core mod to spend the time to make illustrations that good. Nice work.

      • Robotribe

        Thanks. I ride a Bonnie and a Thruxton too. So to quote Ringo when asked if he was “Mod” or a “Rocker”: “No, I’m a Mocker.”

    • Ted

      Bloody love the two tone color model! The real ones should look so good.

  • To me it looks like a Sym or a Kymco sold under a hot brand name. Scomadi is the modern Lambretta with a 200cc tested in England and found to be as fast as the bulkier Vespa GTS300. The founders of Scomadi were Lambretta dealers and hot rodders in the day and after a lot of trouble have made a deal in Thailand to mass produce their 50/125/200 cc models and one day soon one hopes a 400. Wait for Scomadi and give this thing a pass, I say.


    Scooters are the perfect beach town ride.

  • Confuciussay

    Actually, the journo doesn’t know ANYTHING about traditional Lambretta design. The comment about the headset being just one bit of bollocks. This being more derived from the Lambretta Luna line rather than KISKA. The only KISKA signature piece being the absurdly high front mudguard, a characteristic on all ugly KTM bikes. Wot you gonna take it off road then. Hah! They gave the reimagining of an iconic scooter brand to a motorcycle design house by way of an Asian manufacturer. They squandered the opportunity to create a modern classic. 2/10 KISKA. Stick to designing ugly but functional off road bikes..,where they should be…out of site! Bah! You can KISKA my butt!