Brazilian motorcycle cops rule the streets. We’re not cool with that whole innocent bystanders getting injured (or T-boned) thing, but we do have to admit that these guys make Ponch & John look like new students in an MSF course. This compilation contains the ends of some of the craziest and most intense police chases we’ve ever seen, and it’s all done on small displacement thumpers and two-strokes!

  • DickRuble

    At 2:12 an apparently innocent motorcyclist is t-boned by what seems to be a suspect’s car.

  • allworld

    All I can say is ATGATT

  • Edmilson Mamulengo

    it´s terrible! Brazil it´s not for begginers! We fight to improve the laws, to soft with criminals; but, the left parties don´t let it go ahead in the congress. But, for sure, our cops are really F… badasses! Don´t run from them, just stop, it´s better for you !!!

  • Marcos Gramelich

    They don’t use two-strokers… these cops are from São Paulo and they usually use Yamaha XTZ250 Lander (250cm³) and Honda XRE300 (296cm³).

    • Ulysses Araujo

      Lots of XT 660Rs and a few, new Triumph Explorers too. Despite their usually serious expression I swear the officer I saw riding an Explorer was grinning and having a good time.

    • No but they certainly do CHASE some two-strokes.

      • Marcos Gramelich

        I don’t think so, the only two-strokers here are trail (that usually can’t be used on streets due to lack of plates, headlights, turning signals and else) or very old bikes. In this video all of these bikes looks to be stolen and looks like some comom small cm³ bikes from Honda or Yamaha like CG125, CG150/160, YBR 125, Bros 150/160.. smth like that… and they’re all 4 strokers. Usually you don’t see a stolen medium/big bike at these videos.

  • Craig Hoffman


  • Sayyed Bashir

    The only thing I didn’t see is anyone getting shot. Many crimes are committed on motorcycles because they can get away. In the UK scooters are increasingly being used in crimes.

  • Alexander Pityuk

    This shit is so sad. Watching this I often can’t decide on whose side I am…

  • Luiz Carlos Laba

    Just love this…I am Brazilian, I have traveled the world and absolutely NEVER seen so much violence and crime as there is in BRAZIL!
    SO COPS ARE THE BEST, BLUE LIVES MATTER, keep these thieves down and out of circulation!
    Brazilian COPS rule!

    • Alexander Pityuk

      Agreed. Take India or Shri-Lanka for example. I’ve been to some really remote non-tourist places there. A lot of people live in complete poverty, owning nothing more than a roof made of palm branches. I don’t know what they are smoking, but they just don’t give any f*&s. They are calm and happy as little koalas (at least they seem to be).

    • Being Brazilian you understand more.

  • Fabian

    If you like a life of action, it’s definitively the place to go.