Apparently famed UK furniture and lighting designer, Tom Dixon, is an avid motorcyclist and a long-term Moto Guzzi owner. In fact, in an interview with Dezeen he credits his desire to work on his own motorcycles as the impetus for learning to weld – a skill that launched his career creating things with metal.

On a visit to the Moto Guzzi factory, Dixon procured what appears to be a V7 to use as a new canvas in collaboration with notable customizer Stefano Venier. The result blends Venier’s raw style with Dixon’s penchant for geometric designs. Dubbed Tomoto, the motorcycle was unveiled last week during Milan’s design week.

Features that will interest readers are the stamped wheel inserts and prototype Pirelli tires (which must be constructed of unobtanium since there is no branding on the rubber). Folks who are familiar with Dixon’s designs will immediately notice the headlight which is adapted from a pendant lamp of his design.

To see more photos and see a video of the interview, visit the article on Dezeen.

  • Luke

    How did they not name these after their current line (at least a little). FZ-07/-09, etc… I don’t get the branding at all here.

    • RevD

      I’m not an authority on all things cool, hip or even desirable for that matter but I’ve never seen any advertising that has a guitar slung off the back of some dude on a naked, sport or sport touring machine…perhaps the exception being some sort of scrambler down by a fire on a beach with an acoustic guitar.. Electric guitars, loud music etc. seems to have always been associated with the cruiser/full dress crowd….

      • Max Wellian

        That guitar has racing stripes.

        • Lynchenstein

          Thus only suitable for speed metal.

      • Luke

        I think I’m an outlier…. (guitar player with an FZ-09). 🙂 But one thing about 95% of all guitar players is we want the “new” thing (even if it’s just a new version of a classic like a Les Paul).

        • Kevin Duke

          Interesting you say you’re an outlier by being a guitar-playing rider. The guys at Yamaha say there is a stronger correlation between drumming and riding. What do you think?

          • Luke

            Mostly an outrider by being a guitar player and a sportier/naked bike rider as opposed to a cruiser rider. Never had a drummer who rode, but I would trust their data. It kinda makes sense as practice is always at the Drummers house, where I can strap my guitar on my back and take my bike to rehearsal.

  • Ian Parkes

    Interesting that they are targetting a rather narrow band of Hendrix wannabes – left-handers who play a conventional guitar upside down – but who don’t want Strats.

    • Old MOron

      Ha ha, good observation. Here’s another perspective.
      If you were playing the guitar, that’s about what you’d see.
      I wonder if the image just got inverted, somehow.

      • denchung

        Honestly? The supplied image was the guitar standing vertically which doesn’t really work well with our thumbnail dimensions. I had edited it to look the correct way, but the perspective just looked odd, as if it were hanging in the air (I’ve swapped that one in now.) So instead, I switched it the other way and added shadow to make it look more like it was just lying on a surface in front of you as if you’re about to pick it up.

        Compare the “hanging” version in the story now with the one I originally used:

        • Old MOron

          Well, you made a good effort, Dennis. You’re just stuck with persnickety readers!

        • Old MOron

          PS: You should’ve blamed it on Kevin Duke. He looks like one of those 80’s New Wave (expletive). They were all about (expletive) synthesizers, so of course he wouldn’t know anything about a guitar!

        • Old MOron

          PPS: Hey Dennis, just for fun, how about photoshopping Yamaha’s guitar into Matsuda-san’s hands? He kind of looks like he’s singing, anyway.


        • Ian Parkes

          Dennis, isn’t it good to know we fully appreciate your work, and don’t dismiss it with just a glance?
          Err… I hesitate to mention it but the shadow work under the fretboard looks a little rough this time. You don’t carry a gun by any chance do you?

  • SRMark

    Ibanez has an SR500 bass. They and Yamaha need to get together on names.

  • Peter Collins

    He used to run around London on a beautiful 50s or 60s BMW in the late 1970s/early 80s, when the rest of us had to have the latest, most powerful thing we could get. It seemed like a mad preference for style over performance to me then; now I am not so sure, but would probably immediately buy a KTM 1290GT given a windfall, so maybe nothing’s really changed…the naturally stylish remain stylish and the headcases remain, er, mad.


    I’m not much of a custom guy per say but I do appreciate the value of quality design. Simple is best. I am a minimalist.