A police officer throwing a cup of coffee at a passing motorcyclist is reprehensible. Not only is the act unbecoming of a uniformed officer, and completely outside the realm of professionalism, it is dangerous for the biker and those riding around him as well as endangering other motorists and pedestrians. Not to mention further tarnishing the reputation of a police force under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Police officers are sworn to protect and serve, and in addition to their vast and dangerous responsibilities are meant to be looked upon as examples of moral superiority. This officer obviously allowed his emotions to cloud his judgment and committed what would be a crime of serious proportions if the roles were reversed. The officer should be investigated and punished if found guilty because throwing coffee on a motorcyclist is uncalled for regardless the situation. However, it wasn’t unprovoked.

The video begins with the lead rider launching into a standup wheelie in the thick of the Chicago urban jungle among other motorists, and pedestrians – hardly the place for such antics. The cop did throw his coffee at the wrong biker (Elijah Bling apparently did nothing wrong in the video), but a quick look at Elijah Bling’s Facebook page shed’s light on an apparent disrespect for law enforcement and predilection for stunting on public streets. He’s not guilty by association, but in a karmic sense, he probably got his just desserts.

Had the lead rider in the video not been so blatantly flouting the law the whole situation wouldn’t have materialized. We here at MO are all about the speed, lean angles, and wheelies sportibikes deliver, but there’s a time and place for everything, and downtown anywhere isn’t it.

  • Starmag

    If you’ve decide to travel with those that hoon it’s a little latte to snivel, ( I’ve got it on camera,dude! , i.e. I’m telling daddy), or cry in your coffee.

  • Tod Rafferty

    Elijah Bling? You sure that’s a cop? No hat. Mebbe just a barista on a break.

    • allworld

      Is this and attempt by you to offer alternative facts? That is a cop, and yes he is out of uniform.

  • allworld

    Cops are not above the law. Period. He should be charged and prosecuted like anyone else.

  • John B.

    “Mr. Bling” did the police a big favor when he tagged his cohorts in a Facebook post. I quickly perused their FB pages and found photos of each of them doing stunts such as the one shown below. I tell young people not to post pictures or video on FB showing themselves or others doing illegal acts, but they do it anyway.

    I agree with Tom’s analysis. The officer acted inappropriately, but these guys probably had it coming (not a legal defense, but a karmic one).

    Having seen a number of videos like this one, I’m guessing taunting the police and getting away with it gives these young guys a power rush. They likely have no power over other aspects of their lives, and enjoy misbehaving in situations where the police are mostly unable to do anything about it.

    I would like to see the rest of the video on Bling’s camera.


    • SerSamsquamsh

      That comment is remarkably even-handed for the internet.

      Storm in a coffee cup.


    The cops bear absolutely no responsibility to protect or serve anyone. None. The idea that they do is another one of the myths perpetuated by our government overseers. If a mundane did this they would be hauled off to the hoosegow. Muy Pronto. No excuse for the idiot Elijah Bling. Caning would be appropriate.

  • Kevin

    It looks more like a cup of soda. Those guys were most likely riding like assholes. Poor baby can’t take a little coffee thrown a him. I bet if he accidentally burns his hand on his hot exhaust he cries to his mommy. In the old days that would be a funny story at the bar, after the ride. We would all be laughing not trying to report the cop, ruin his career or running to.a lawyer. What pussies these younger riders have turned out to be.

  • SteveSweetz

    It’s “funny” to compare the tone of this article versus that pepper spraying cop incident.

    Good job actually digging a tiny bit deeper on this one before calling for a lynching Roderick.

  • manfromsima

    They had it coming.Why would you even defend them.They make us all look bad and i am fed up with there bs.

    • allworld

      This cop makes all cops look bad.
      Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  • Dootin

    “Your Fired”

  • kenneth_moore

    If that cop can’t control his emotions when the biggest “threat” is some dipstick popping a wheelie, what does that say about his likely reaction in a serious crime situation?

  • TC

    It’s a very thin line between the antics of ‘stunters’, and the type of riding that your magazine displays, with all the wheelies and the racing on mountain roads. Ride responsibly, you never know when there might be a cop with a cup.

    • John B.

      There are several middle aged men with young children on the MO staff. I suspect the line to which you refer is much thicker than you surmise. Besides, middle-aged marauders are hard to take seriously; same for old ladies wearing a vagina costume to a women’s rights march.

      • TC

        I have a friend that recently earned his 800,000 mile pin from BMW. I have had the pleasure of going on a few small group rides with him and his buddies. It’s nice to see riders that know that the point of riding a motorcycle is to enjoy the ride, and arrive safely.

    • Gootch

      It’s a pretty big difference between wheeling on a crowded road in a big city and leaning over on a curvy mountain road or eating time at speed on a long empty road on the dry side of a western state. I’m one of those middle age men with a young child that JB references (but not on the MO staff) and enjoy using some of the capability of my motorcycle. I’ve never done that on crowded streets.

  • SRMark

    Stupid is as stupid does and there was a bunch of it being done there.


    Shitheel bikers who do dangerous shit while in traffic should be shot on sight–to death! I would have taken them all down with rapid fire—————-

  • Gruf Rude

    My experience with Chicago cops, which dates back to 1967, is that you don’t have to provoke them to have them act unprofessionally. Actually, reading history demonstrates they have been acting like uniformed thugs for over a hundred years. No news here.

  • disqus_9GQw44dyM0

    Hey there was an ambulance involved as well. I don’t feel bad at all for any of these riders. They are an accident ready to happen and let’s hope it doesn’t involve an innocent pedestrian or driver.