Ripping a 175 horsepower street bike down the street or around the track is one thing. Setting one up with metal spikes and knobbie dirt tires so it can be ridden off-road is quite another but that’s exactly what these guys did. Would you have the guts to take this crazy Suzuki GSX-R1000 for a ride down the trail?

  • Old MOron

    So Seth, are you the FNG?

  • 12er

    not as cool as the Duc vid a few years back, at least they were single tracking the duc

  • Craig Hoffman

    That was a whole bunch of rev limiter 😛

    Gixxer power makes everything better – like a snowbike for example!

  • Aaron Brodsky

    All I hear is the rev limiter and the guy doing 20mph on a dirt road.

  • SRMark

    Stupid is as stupid does, momma sez.