We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Don’t engage with road-ragers. Just don’t – it’s not worth the aggravation or potentially negative outcome. Here, however, there’s no violent or crazy result, and the situation was handled overall pretty maturely by the motorcyclist, without any voices being raised or windows getting punched-out (save for the initial one-finger salute, but that’s basically a natural knee-jerk reaction).

You’re probably asking yourself then, why should I even watch this video? Well, because we can all take something away from it. The lesson to be learned here is to always be vigilant. Always. Most, if not all of us, have seen this same situation unfold countless times. A car wants to move over and change lanes, and because they’re bigger than you, they should have the right-of-way, no? Hell no! Unless push comes to shove of course… As a general rule, though, there’s too much at stake for a motorcyclist to engage with a road-rager, so swallow your pride and move on.

Motorcycles have as much of a right to be on the road as any car, but just don’t go preaching that all over the place – it might annoy jealous non-riders, like the driver of the blue Honda Accord in this video. I think it’s safe to say that the driver saw the motorcyclist coming, and because “he had his blinker on,” thought the motorcyclist should yield to him and proceeded to move into the bike’s lane before intentionally swerving into the rider to show him who’s boss, for lack of a better explanation.

This kind of thing happens all the time, especially in California where jealous drivers get envious of motorcyclists who legally don’t have to roast like a Thanksgiving turkey while sitting in traffic. This point is further proven when the driver of the Accord moves to the left most part of his lane and even over the line to prevent the motorcyclist from getting past. As an aside, using your blinker doesn’t automatically give you the right-of-way, it simply signals­ your intention to change direction – some people need to understand that.

The light is red, though, and the motorcyclist confronts the driver, eventually apologizing and telling the driver to “take care,” all the while never raising his voice or escalating the situation. Bravo. Personally, nine out of 10 times I would have never even stopped or wasted my breath on the guy – and you shouldn’t either. Just be glad nothing happened and carry on safely to see your loved ones and to ride another day…

  • michael32853hutson@yahoo.com

    i just assume they don’t see me-but i confess i have saluted people uni-digitally

  • kenneth_moore

    If I had a buck for every time some cager changed lanes into my right of way I’d be a millionaire. I just move out of their way, or brake, or accelerate. Reacting to it is a good way to get shot or run over.

  • Gary

    Have you ever met an older, high-mileage street rider with a bad disposition? Me neither. Do you think there might be a reason for it?

    • Tinwoods

      Yes. Me. 55 with 36 years of daily riding under my belt. And in the last fifteen years, my disposition has changed for the negative because of all the distracted cellphone-using drivers.

      • Gary

        Be sure to let us know how that works out for ya …

  • edbob

    Passing on the right in the car’s blind spot at high speed from the far right lane and around a truck, of course he didn’t see you. If you were in a friggin’ car he wouldn’t have seen you. What did the car driver do wrong? He even put his turn signal on. That’s ranks as dangerous as passing an 18 wheeler on the right near an offramp. Chill out or get off the bike.

    • Alan G

      car driver was in the wrong. period.
      later he was trying to block the mc from coming to his window.
      dont blame the bike rider; happens all the time that car doesnt see
      bike. but often car drivers dont even look.

      • edbob

        The car driver did what any car driver would do, and followed the law while doing it. He didn’t see the motorcycle because he is little, in his blind spot, and was moving faster then he anticipated someone would be approaching from his blind spot. All of the comments here say “it happens all the time”. Taking that statement a step further, have the intelligence to make accommodations for this situation. Riding like this rider will cause more close calls, injuries, or worse. Don’t blame the car, blame the motorcyclist because he could have avoided this. I want you to stay alive and anyone else reading this – so please know (with only a few exceptions,) it’s always your fault. Google “situational awareness/accident avoidance/motorcycle rules of the road.” Stay safe, and aware, and yes do have fun when the time is right.

        • Tinwoods

          No, he changed lanes thinking he had the right of way simply because he had his turn signals on. Signals are to alert others of your intention, it isn’t a free pass to move on that intention. So, this is NOT what “any car driver would do” or, more importantly, what any car driver should do.

          • edbob

            If it was deliberate, I absolutely agree with you.

          • khc

            Regardless of what most car drivers would do (and most of us are also car drivers), many will not see a rider moving faster than traffic and passing on the right, who doesn’t slow and/or move over to protect himself from the driver with his turn signal on while changing lanes. From what I just watched, this rider is not riding defensively, backing off and anticipating the problem I could see coming. He can blame the car driver from his hospital bed.

          • Strat

            I don’t buy this constant “I didn’t see you B.S.” An excuse has been provided to these idiots and now they all use it. If I’m changing lanes I look to make sure there’s nobody there, it is not that hard to do. Turn your damn head. Especially if you’re going to drift over three lanes like this fool. If that truck is there you better expect someone to be coming up on the other side if you’re a safe, responsible driver. Plus that vehicle is already in that lane and has the right of way. He didn’t have a problem blowing by and blocking the rider, so I’m betting he saw him coming when he did that three lane move. That tells me what kind of driver/person he is.

      • Tinwoods

        Wrong. This is shared fault. Rider was riding too fast, passing on the right, and the driver ignorantly assumed he had the right of way simply because he was signaling. But the way the guy in the car roared off, there was no “deescalating” done here. It just ended as most road rage incidents end.

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    • Alan G

      I completely understand, been riding 45 years. Better to let it go. It still doesnt change the fact that dickhead drivers abound.

  • Larry Kahn

    I would have just moved as needed to avoid the car and accepted it as business as usual, and just continued on my way. Did not seem like an aggressive move by the driver so let it go. If you’re going to be working traffic on the highway at a higher speed than the average it’s up to you to do it right. For your own ass.

    • Uncommon Sense

      Exactly. Really was no need for him to even confront the guy. It happens. I ride like no one sees me and expect that some cager will violate my space or right of way several times during my daily commute.

      You just can’t get upset even if you are right. Physics trumps rules of the road every time.

  • achates 349

    @$$hat car pilot is probably here illegally from a country where they don’t have flush toilets, let alone motor vehicles.

    • Tinwoods

      Had to be at least one ignorant and hateful racist posting here. Found you.

      • achates 349

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    • Mark D

      This is a shithole comment.

      • achates 349

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      • achates 349

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  • Dmitrii Kilishek

    It was clear that cager needed to change two lanes… why not be a kind person and let him do that? Predictable situation? 100% it was. In case of crash would the biker be happy being right? I don’t think so. And what was the point chasing the guy after that? Like tell him he was in wrong? I call that posing for the camera.

  • Mark D

    That’s why you don’t pass on the right at a higher rate of speed than traffic. The motorcyclist pulled a dumb move by doing that. Yeah the car was being a dick blocking him later, but so what?

  • bvail

    Best to ride like you are invisible.