The California Air Resources Board has issued an executive order certifying the 2018 KTM 1290 Super Adventure S. Previously announced at EICMA last year alongside the Super Adventure R and T, the S version was offered in other markets but did not join its siblings in the U.S. as 2017 models. The CARB certification suggests that will change for 2018.

The S model is the more street-focused version of the Super Adventure platform, alongside the more off-road capable R and touring oriented T model. Like the Super Adventure T, the S model offers semi-active suspension, but it has the smaller gas tank found on the R model (6.1 gallons, compared to the T’s 7.9-gallon fuel capacity). The S is also the lightest of the Super Adventure models, claiming a dry weight of 474 pounds (versus 478 pounds for the R and 489 pounds for the T version).

Differentiating it from its siblings, the Super Adventure S uses cast wheels, with a 19-inch wheel up front and an 18-inch wheel at the rear.

The CARB document lists the same emissions as the R model, so we expect the engine to be the same 1301cc V-Twin derived from the Super Duke R, claiming 158 hp at 8750 rpm. Of course, all of this information is assuming no changes from the 2017 models. We don’t expect any changes, as these models were just announced last year, but we can’t rule out any minor updates.

We’ll find out for sure when KTM has not officially announced the 1290 Super Adventure S, but we expect it will be included when the Austrian company announces the rest of its 2018 U.S. lineup.

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KTM Communities

  • Shlomi

    Another ugly but efficient motorcycle from KTM

    • Rocky Stonepebble

      I was too occupied with the mountains and the lake and the lakeside house, to notice the bike.

      • Sayyed Bashir

        When you are riding the bike, you see the scenery, not the bike.

        • Rocky Stonepebble

          And the scenery in that photo is lovely.

          • Sayyed Bashir

            I was answering the first guy who didn’t like the way the bike looks.

  • Chris

    Love to see it w/17’s.

  • Will Francis

    I really wish there was a version somewhere around 800mm seat height. I have a 32″ inseam (6′ even, not short) and certainly can (and have) ride one, but about half of my riding is dense city traffic as I commute and it’s too much work at that height, esp backing into narrow street parking. The weekends are touring which this bike does beautifully. I don’t want the GT, as I want something more upright and the GT is stupid tall for that category of bike. Make a low version the same way there’s a low GS and I’ll buy one in a heartbeat.

  • mikstr

    why are BMW and Kawi alone is offering true sport-touring bikes (ie. R1200RS and Ninja 1000). The Super Duke 1290 would be an amazing platform for such a bike (same with Tuono 1100,…)

    Enough with these adventure bikes….

    • Will Francis

      Have you seen the Super Duke GT? It’s a sport tourer, though for reasons which are unfathomable it’s almost as tall as the adventure bikes.

      • mikstr

        The GT is a competitor to the S1000XR, not the R1200RS; in my mind it`s essentially an adventure bike with street rims and tires – definitely not what I am seeking in a sport-tourer (can`t stand the beaks or the unnecessary height). Make it in the Ducati ST tradition, not the Multistrada….

  • Larry W

    Hoping the 1090 Adventure S makes it here too. The black one please. Should easily outperform the Multistrada 950 and the V- Strom 1000 on both paved and dirt roads. These three are the best all around, do everything streetbikes if you’re tall and can’t or don’t want to spend $20K+, and the bike that’s most likely the class of this class isn’t available here. Some Euro reviewers even preferred the 1090 to the 1290. While most American buyers go for the dirtiest version, many of us really appreciate these for what they really are. A roomier sport standard (especially for passengers), with better wind protection, luggage capacity, touring ability, and dirt road stability. Bring on the S models!

  • Rob Alexander

    Looks pretty awesome… wonder what it’ll cost?

    • denchung

      Until we hear something official, we can only estimate. In Austria, the S model has an MSRP of 19,398 euros, or 600 euros less than the R. That’s about a US$700 difference.

    • Rob Alexander

      I should have said ‘except for the 34″ seat height’… Damn! It’s on BTW.