When Yamaha announced today that the 2016 FZ-07 and FZ-09 would be in dealerships beginning in September, another tidbit was dropped. Collectively, the two models account for two of the top-four-selling motorcycles the company produces. The fact that the FZ-07 has been on sale for less than 12 months makes its placement at number four even more impressive. Yamaha’s PR reps said they expect it to move up the ranks as time goes on.

The Matte Silver FZ-07 sports cool blue frame components and wheels.

The Matte Silver FZ-07 sports cool blue frame components and wheels.

2015 Yamaha FZ-07 First Ride Review

For 2016, the FZ-07 keeps all the important details the same as in 2015 – except for the color. The 689cc inline-Twin will still produce the ample mid-range torque that we love. The first-rate fuel metering delivered a precise connection from the rider’s right wrist to the rear tire, and the FZ’s sporty handling impressed our staff – even with suspension that was built to a price point. The dual 282mm wave-type brakes and the four-piston monobloc calipers perform impressively for this category of bike – though ABS is still not an option. Still, the FZ-07 remains a great value for $6,990, and you get to choose between Raven and Matte Silver.

The FZ-09’s improved EFI makes backroad thrashing even more fun.

The FZ-09’s improved EFI makes backroad thrashing even more fun.

2014 Yamaha FZ-09 Review

Weighing in at number two in Yamaha street motorcycle sales (behind, surprisingly, the R6), the FZ-09 continues to wow our testers, particularly now that the EFI glitches that plagued the 2014 model have been exorcised. The beast of an 847cc inline-Triple, now cured of its herky-jerky throttle, can actually take advantage of the engine’s impressive bottom-end torque and the riding modes that its ride-by-wire throttle enables. The upright riding position gives the impression of straddling the front wheel. When combined with the leverage of the wide bar, the FZ-09 can quickly be pitched into corners. Heavier and aggressive riders can cause the FZ’s softly sprung and damped suspension to be overwhelmed, but, with an $8,190 MSRP, upgrading suspension components is probably within reach for most riders who would need stiffer suspenders. So, the only real decision is which color to get, Raven or Impact Blue.

The 2016 models of the FZ-07 and the FZ-09 will be in dealerships beginning in September.


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  • ElfInBklyn

    any word on FJ-09 upgrades?

    • Evans Brasfield

      Nope. Sorry. I guess we’ll have to wait until the fall announcement.

      • ElfInBklyn

        That makes me sad.

  • Y.A.

    I want either of these with fairings, but not all adventure bike SUV’d up

    • Josh

      Fairings are over-rated

      • c w

        On a 50F at 70MPH, the rating goes back up.

        A lot.

        Easily added/removed modular fairings should be a thing.

        • Josh

          50f 70mph not that bad… But add a thunderstorm to that equation and I’ll see things your way. Had me wanting hand guards and grip heaters!!

  • siempremirando

    FZ-07 or GSX-S750 ?

    • Patriot159

      Or Kawasaki Z800?

      • Sentinel

        Are you kidding? That pig weighs over 500 lbs!

        • Patriot159

          You’re right. Too piggish for a middle weight!

        • c w

          have you ridden it ?

    • Sentinel

      Between those two I’d likely go for the 07. The brakes on the S750 are inadequate.

      • Strat

        You’re wrong.

  • Sentinel

    Still NO ABS? Really? And last I heard the cam-chain tensioner is still failing in that FZ-09 engine with no fix from Yamaha in sight.

  • SRMark

    I really do like that 07. Love the sound of the 09.

    • Ducati Kid


      Perhaps a cost sensitive, functionally revised, YAMAHA ‘FZ-07-S’ (Sport) might be of interest?

  • Angrie Nole

    In the last couple months I have had 3 times in a panic to slam on the brakes of my honda fit and praise honda engineering for ABS it works, it works, it really works PUT IT ON THE BIKE please