Mannequin challenges are all the rage, and this is the right season for it. An ice bucket challenge could lead to hypothermia. Still, not everyone has the facilities and the cast of characters that Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA does. So, sit back and enjoy the next two minutes of power sports mayhem and mannequins. The mannequins are where the action is.


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  • Starmag

    2:10 of my life gone forever and all I have to show for it is memories of lame keyboard hip hop. This is a meme that can’t die too soon. A Happy Holidays greeting from Valentino riding around and doing wheelies in a Santa suit with umbrella girl elves for helpers passing out motorcycle toys to future wide-eyed racers would have been easier and better.

    • Evans Brasfield

      Aw, come on! You could’ve cut it down to 2:00 if you didn’t watch the credits. Then again, the credits were really funny.

      • Starmag

        Sure, my comment was a snivel and those Yamaha America employees can tell all their friends, “look, there I am at 1:38!”, but at least I offered a colorful suggestion. Maybe next year. : 7 )

        Happy Holidays to all MOrons at my favorite website.

        • Evans Brasfield

          Your original comment give me a much needed laugh. Thank you!

    • Old MOron

      Huh? I watched the video, then I had to ask my wife what a mannequin challenge is.

      Dumb, that’s what it is. But I like that they used their regular employees instead of their superstars. That’s the whole point of these internet fads. Isn’t it?

    • TheMarvelous1310

      Aww, poor you! Forced against your will to watch a two minute video. Somebody should go to jail for tying you up, taping your eyes open and tazing you every time you looked away.

      Unless nobody did those things, and you’re whining to us about a decision you made by yourself to watch a video. If that’s the case, you’re dumb and I’m laughing at you.

      • Starmag

        So you are calling me dumb but you upvoted me? There’s meds for that.

        Group selfies for all and to all a good night.

        • TheMarvelous1310

          Yeah I upvoted you, it was funny! Dumb is always funny, and people need a laugh.

  • Lawrance

    Loved it. Haters go home.