Although this is a so-called concept bike, we’re confident we’ll be seeing a production version of this mid-sized adventure bike by EICMA 2017. It uses a new frame wrapped around a version of the FZ-07’s satisfying and compact parallel-Twin motor, with longer-travel suspension to soak up off-road hits.

Yamaha T7 Concept

More details on the T7 can be found in the link above, including how it was co-developed with Yamaha’s official rally team. For now, take a look at what Evans Brasfield has to say about it after perusing in Milan at the EICMA show.

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Yamaha Communities

  • Gabriel Owens

    Patiently awaiting the FJ10.

    • DickRuble

      Buy a bag of patience pills…

    • Born to Ride

      Not too keen on long legged 4 cylinders like the Versys and S1000XR. I’d rather see a quarter faired version of the FZ-10 with locking luggage, sans the Johnny-5 eyes.

  • SRMark

    Looking at the distance from the boot to the ground and the crotch to the seat, you’re gonna have to be long-legged for this thing. But I like it. Some more inspired color choices would be nice.

  • Kenneth

    The European Yamaha MT-07 “Tracer”(= FJ-07) would do it for me.

  • Craig Hoffman

    Oh Hell ya. Build this T7 and an FJ10 please. I might need to have both 😉

  • Prakasit

    Is it just me? Or, does somebody else think that Yamaha is making all the right moves? They have 3 notable engines that they can build their street bikes on. The 7’s the 9’s the 10’s(or is it 1’s) series, if you will.

  • Ian Parkes

    This looks awesome, a lighter and cheaper version of an Africa Twin – both good things. Judging by the comments on a story about a bike that looks to be ideal as a dirt road and off-road tourer people are still hankering for an FJ10. I guess if there’s demand for it Yamaha will look at but I’m not sure what it would do that an FJ09 (fast and quite heavy enough thank you) or an FJ1300 don’t already do better.

  • John Langdell

    I’ll buy one to replace my KLR

  • Kirk Harrington

    On a related small cc subject. If Yamaha pulls this off does Honda use a CB500 platform to build an Africa or Ralley model? Even more interesting- with the semi-successful CSC RX3, the upcoming BMW 310GS, the rumored KTM 390 Adv- do you think the market is there for the Suzuki DL250, Kaw Versys 300? If so, How could Yamaha pass up on a FJ03/Tenere300? Basically, are we ready to go small?

    • Kevin Duke

      I see no reason why Honda couldn’t easily create a CB500X Rally for modest development costs. As for smaller-displacement ADVs, one thing to keep in mind is that they will be popular in markets beyond the U.S., so the business cases for the OEMs won’t hinge solely on us.