Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA introduced a new “Journey Further” video today that foreshadows the introduction of a new touring motorcycle that will be unveiled on September 6, 2017, at 7:30 a.m. PDT on the company’s website.

The video is appropriately vague so as to not reveal the motorcycle, but we are given enough info to know that it will be a cruiser-style bike with touring aspirations, perhaps something built on the new Venture platform. This is also separate from a different teaser campaign Yamaha has been running for a new side-by-side, which some other outlets falsely assumed was for a new adventure bike.

In the new video, we are shown interviews with two riders who have put many miles on their Star Raider and Road Star, and they speak about the feeling of freedom they get from riding motorcycles.

“Not until we escape can we truly be found,” reads the video’s title overlays. “Prepare to… Elude the elements. Elude conformity. Elude everything else. Journey further.”

The repetition of the word elude makes us think the new model might be called Eluder, and that guess is backed up by a trademark filing Yamaha made last year.

“We were thrilled to introduce a new transcontinental touring model earlier this year with the unveiling of the Star Venture, and we are looking forward to the exciting introduction of another new model in this luxury motorcycle segment,” said Derek Brooks, Yamaha’s Motorcycle Product Line Manager. “Although details elude the video we posted today, we encourage everyone to check out our website on September 6 as we continue our journey.”

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  • HazardtoMyself

    Hmmm, elude the elements? Hope it’s not what it sounds like.

    Where are the guys with 100+ thousand miles? Best they could find were 13 & 18k?

  • DL Nielsen

    “Elude conformity.” Really? If this teaser really is alluding to a cruiser, how can you elude conformity if you’re riding something almost everybody else is? And why do they only interview guys? Women like cruisers, too.

    • TonyCarlos

      They interviewed a total of two riders. Males make up 85 percent of bike owners; probably higher when looking at touring rigs.
      Know your target demographic.

      • DL Nielsen

        Over 60% of the women buying motorcycles, buy cruisers. And they’re not buying small, entry-level ones, either. As the number of women riders increase, manufacturers would do well to start including women in their advertising campaigns, especially if your name isn’t Harley-Davidson, if they want to maintain or increase their market share.
        The teaser looks like it’s aimed at those owners currently riding Raiders and Road Stars, which are not considered touring rigs, but are the kinds of cruisers women are buying.

        • TonyCarlos

          I’m not advocating for the exclusion of female riders from ad campaigns, but again women are somewhere around 15 percent of the total market. This teaser ad is for a new touring bike. Since you seem to have your finger on detailed sales stats, please let us know what percentage of touring bikes are sold to women.

          • DL Nielsen

            Sales stats in reference to who is buying what type of motorcycle is just about impossible to come by. I’ve been trying to find detailed info and have come up dry.
            However, according to the stats released in 2015 by the MIC, approximately 438,000 women bought cruisers that year. In a related survey commissioned by Women Riders Now.com, four of the top five touring motorcycles bought by women were Harley’s Street Glide, Road Glide, Electra Glide Ultra Classic and Road King; all are direct competitors for Yamaha’s V Star 1300 line.
            I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to find that tomorrow’s reveal will be a revamp of this cruiser line. Yamaha hasn’t released any 2018 model year cruisers so far and all are getting a little long in the tooth.

    • elgar

      Yes, hilarious marketing.
      ‘Elude conformity’… but we’re hoping that you’ll conform to our marketing and buy a Yamaha product…

  • HeDidn’tWeDid

    One year from now…”Introducing the 2019 Honda Intruder*”….”The 2019 Suzuki Tresspass”…”The 2019 Harley-Davidson Warrant CVO**”…”The 2019 Moto Guzzi Invader”

    (*Oh, that was a real motorcycle.)
    (**Correctional Vocation Option requires 10% deposit before delivery)

  • Jon Jones

    More silly hype-marketing.

    • CFLAP

      Agree. Don’t know what they are trying to accomplish with the “tease”.

      • Jon Jones

        This seems to be all the rage in these retarded times.

        Just irritating to us old-timers.

  • Dan

    Didn’t Yamaha recently introduce a cruiser styled tourer?

    • Douglas

      More of a tourer-styled tourer, just a week or 2 ago.

  • Alexander Pityuk

    So, this is gonna be a classical fully faired tourer, right? But with a V-twin? That doesn’t make any sense…

    • Douglas

      Maybe it’ll have an adapted VMax motor, tamed a little for low & midrange….an answer to the GTL?

      • Alexander Pityuk

        That would’ve been freaking awesome!


          The reason why Yamaha chose to equip the new touring models with a V-twin is so that the intake/airbox can be mounted on the side of the engine as opposed to the top. This, inturn, allows for a deeper fuel tank.

          • therr850

            And less leg room??

  • Sayyed Bashir

    “This video is private”. Hmm. Can’t see video. Tried on Chrome and IE.

  • Sayyed Bashir

    As long as its not called an Interlude.

  • well…cant say much here apart from the fact that we are waiting to see the final motorcycle

  • Starmag

    I’M the Eluder. I managed to Elude this teaser.

    • Sayyed Bashir

      Not for long.

  • Auphliam

    Maybe it’s a 3-wheeled auto-cycle thingy to compete with the Slingshot.


    Will we get the 2017 Yamaha TMax in the US?

  • Old MOron

    “The Eluder” is a difficult name for a motorcycle. But I appreciate their choice of “elude”.

    They could’ve said, for example, “Reject conformity.” At first glance this might seem like stronger language. But it implies conformity is something that is offered. Take it or leave it.

    “Elude conformity” implies that conformity seeks you, that conformity is something to be evaded or escaped. I like that.

    Now that I’ve thought of the word “escape,” perhaps “Escape conformity” would’ve been better. But that implies that you’re already trapped, that you’re already a conformist.

    I guess “Elude conformity” is pretty good. It’s growing on me. But I’m still not going to buy a friggin land barge.

    • Sayyed Bashir

      Are you thinking Evader? Evade conformity. Evade = escape or avoid, especially by cleverness or trickery. Elude = evade or escape from (a danger, enemy, or pursuer), typically in a skillful or cunning way. Neither of them is a good name for a motorcycle. Oh yeah, I ride a Eluder. A what?

    • Starmag

      The Rejector would have been way funnier and better.

  • Speedwayrn@yahoo.com

    It has eluded me. Video is marked as private and won’t play….

    • denchung

      Yamaha removed the original video and replaced it with a new one. I’ve switched it to the updated video and it should play now. I can’t say with certainty, but I think the time of the announcement mentioned in the video was changed.

  • Buzz

    It’s gonna be a copy cat bagger I bet.

    Harley haters will be silent when Yamaha introduces an air cooled pushrod V twin bagger with a giant front wheel and lowered suspension.

    • Old MOron

      Oh, I don’t know. The Victory Magnum, Indian Chieftain, Guzzi Fortress all got their share of derision. Why would the Eluder be any different?

      • Sayyed Bashir

        Magnum and Interlude have a familiar ring.

    • CFLAP

      Isn’t it interesting that this announcement comes on the heels of Harley’s 2018 model into…

    • Douglas

      And 14″ apes….but serially folks, idden hyperbole great? Love it when the marketing mavens really get to show their stuff, with scintillating cleverness.

    • Sayyed Bashir

      They won’t be silent, they will be ecstatic! Its the greatest bike in the world (as long as its not a Harley).

  • Art Friedman

    I suggest just “Lewder.”


    V4 cruiser with high tech?

  • Eric

    Probably a bagger version of the Venture. They showed the Raider in the video. Unless of course they have been working on a entirely new frame/platform during the same time they released the Venture.