Yamaha revealed a new three-wheeled dual-sport motorcycle concept model called the 01GEN at the 2014 Intermot show in Germany.

Sporting two wheels at the front and a single wheel at the rear, the 01GEN is described as an “on & off crossover”, referring both to its on- and off-road capability but also the juxtoposition of aggressive and demanding riding with liberated, relax riding.

The 01GEN uses a similar front suspension setup to the Tricity scooter, with either front wheel supported by its own fork, allowing the bike to lean into corners. Seen from the side, you’d think the 01GEN sports the stereotypical ADV-style beak. Take a closer look from the front and you’ll see there are actually two separate fenders, one for each wheel, resembling an insect’s pincers.


As a conceptual model, Yamaha has not provided any technical specs. Will we ever see this concept enter production? We know Yamaha is keen on developing leaning multi-wheelers, and at the very least the 01GEN concept tells us the technology may not just be limited to scooters like the Tricity.

Follow the rest of our 2014 Intermot Show coverage for more information on new 2015 motorcycle announcements.

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Yamaha Communities

  • Andrew

    Now that’s a 3 wheeler that I would actually buy. I wonder how off-road capable it will actually be.

  • Ser Samsquamsh

    That looks awesome; the blue tires are a cool touch. It’s like something from Halo. Does it come with a laser sword?

  • Zandit75

    Reminds me too much of Kawasaki’s effort from last year.

  • Jay Stevens

    If they are talking about off road, I have one question:
    How much does it weigh?

  • sgray44444

    Oh no… don’t tell me Yamaha has joined the “answer for the question nobody ever asked” camp, along with Honda!

  • nitramshirley

    Perfect for more grip on gravely fire roads. Probably hellishly heavy with all that extra gear up-front.

  • Andrew Kwesi Afful

    It’s different than what I expected from Yamaha, but it looks good regardless. I wonder how it will perform.

  • Τριαν Κ.

    A 400cc Tricity would do the job for most maxi-scooterists. The 125 may definitely be in the right direction, but it’s way too weak for many of us (whatever its power/weight ratio may be).

    I’ve ridden both proper bikes and scooters and I keep a positive eye on 3-wheelers. Yet the current market IMO is not well-covered and there’s enough room for new models. Neither of MP3 / 350d / 350s / Fuoco cover the market well enough and if Yamaha can find the sweet spot, they will own the market.