Yamaha is bringing the 292cc version of the XMax scooter to the U.S., topping its 2018 scooter lineup which also includes the 155cc SMax, the Zuma 125 and the 49cc Zuma 50F, Zuma 50FX and Vino Classic. The 2018 Yamaha XMax will arrive in dealerships in October with an MSRP of $5,599.

The Yamaha XMax has been available in Europe for a few years now, with Yamaha offering 125, 250, 300 and 400 versions. The 300 version is the newest engine size, introduced just last year and finally making it to the U.S. for 2018.

The XMax is powered by a fuel-injected 292cc liquid-cooled SOHC Single. Yamaha didn’t release any performance figures for the U.S.-spec model but the European model claims a peak output of 27.6 hp at 7250 rpm and 21.4 lb-ft. at 5750 rpm. Yamaha does claim the XMax gets 75 mpg; with a full 3.4 gallon tank, that would translate to a range of 255 miles.

The engine uses a counterbalancer to reduce vibrations while an offset cylinder and semi-dry-sump lubrication system help to reduce internal friction. Power is transferred to the rear wheel through a CVT and drive belt. The XMax also comes with a traction control system which cuts power when it detects the rear wheel slipping.

Up front, the XMax uses a 33mm telescopic fork – beefy for a scooter – with 4.3 inches of travel. The rear wheel is suspended by twin shocks, offering 3.1 inches of travel. The 15-inch front wheel and 14-inch rear wheel come shod with Dunlop Scoot Smart tires. A 267mm rotor is mounted to the front wheel while the back uses a 245mm disc. ABS is standard.

The underseat storage area comes with LED illumination and can hold two full-face helmets. The front shield also holds two smaller storage spaces, with one housing a 12V outlet.

Other highlights include a smart key system, LED lighting, adjustable handlebars and windscreen, and a (claimed) wet weight of 397 pounds.

Check out the video below for our coverage of the Yamaha XMax 300 from AIMExpo.


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  • Campisi

    Looks like a skull with most of the maxilla smashed out.


  • Green Mellow

    I’m a fan of scooters and glad to see they brought it here, but come on, Yamaha. In a country where scooters aren’t exactly racing out of dealerships, you chose to offer it in Vivid White when Quasar Bronze was one of the options you had?

  • Green Mellow

    ..and the USA gets pumpkin turn signals again. I get that it’s a regulations thing, but still. *sigh*

    • David Kraft

      If you mean orange lenses that is the norm going back to the early 1970’s or before.

      • Green Mellow

        The TMAX 530 sold in the US has LED signals flush with the body panels like the rest of the world gets because they’re far enough apart to meet DOT regulations. These must be slightly too close together, hence the signals on stalks.

    • Douglas

      Hopefully they’ll double as running lites, too. Ya need all the lumens available out there with the steering wheel ninnies.

      But, my beef is the school-desk seating position (unless the rider in the pic is about six-three). How about a little room for those of us over, say, five-ten? I know a 300 isn’t a maxi-scoot like a Burg or Silver Wing, but I’ve checked out a GTS300 and a BV350, even a Burg 200, and they do allow me to rest my foots on the front panel comfortably.

    • B.Hoop

      Even if they’re on stalks, how come they can use the LED signals on the Super Tenere, but not on other models???

  • michael32853hutson@yahoo.com

    pretty cool for a scooter; there is a market i’m sure but for that kind of money you can get an actual bike

    • Douglas

      Most folks who’re considering a scooter aren’t interested in an “actual bike”. And vice versa. And I have a little scooter (170 Hooligan), a big scooter (SilverWing) and a 1600 Vulcan Nomad, and about 80% of my riding is within the metro area….guess which gets ridden the most. I do stay off the urban expy’s with the 170, but seldom need to get on any of them anyway.

      Hopefully the scoot mkt will pick up here, but the mfrs need to limit the cost and engine size (about $7k max and about 400cc max), I think the maxi’s are done.

      • michael32853hutson@yahoo.com

        this one claims 27 horsepower-that’s enough for the highway

      • Craig Hoffman

        Agree about different markets and uses.

        300cc seems like a sweet Goldilocks spot for scooter versatility. Big enough but small enough. Kymco has their excellent People 300, will be interesting to see how this one compares. Another scooter shootout perhaps? I don’t have a scooter, but have been toying with the idea of a 300 to park alongside my FZ1 for awhile now.

        • Douglas

          I think there are 2 categories of scoots depending on where one is situated. The 50’s are useful only on larger campuses or in small villages, so don’t consider them good all-around rides. The 125-200’s make relatively useful rides around most metro areas, where 40mph limits are common, and in that group, the 150’s & 170’s can do 45-50 without much strain. This would include the PCX, Genuine 170’s, Kymco 150, S-Max, Vespa & Piaggio models.

          Then from the Burg200 to 400, the GTS models, Piaggio, this new Yammie and maybe a few others (guess the Forza & Burg 400 are no longer imported…bummer). Comparos between scoots in those classes wd be good….Kevin, get Gabe to do it….he loves them.

  • toomanycrayons

    My heart leapt when I read _MAX. Missed the “X.” What did they say when they stopped making the Ford Taurus, the last time? Oh, right, “How else is a middle-aged man going to tell the world he’s simply given up?” Here it comes, again. I’m waiting for the self-driving X-MAX. No, really. OK, kill me now….

  • Nunya Bidniz

    Fork you, Yamaha! Put down the musical instruments & give me my TMAX! Not some sub-caliber wannabe with a similar name! If I’m riding a scooter, I want the FAST one! !@#$#%$#$#!!! Been waiting YEARS now & you tease us with *this*? WHEN DID THE U.S. BECOME A 3RD WORLD MOTORCYCLING NATION? ***ALL YOUR BIKES ARE BELONG TO US*** [or at least, belong here!] *You* shot yourself in the foot w/ that p!$$!ng match you got into w/ Honda back in the ’80s: why are we still being punished for it?

  • James C Gamblin

    Did m/c.com ever get their hands on one. I know of a couple of dealerships that have them in stock but I don’t recall seeing a video review of the xmax that wasn’t computer voiced. Tell me I missed it, please.

  • James R Barndt III

    I can’t believe all the negative comments about this Scooter here.
    Bigger isn’t always better and this 300 is a prime example of that, and anyone who too the time to look into its performance (esp. power to weight ratios) instead of merely looking at CC’s, would have a clue.
    For me, this would be perfect and it WILL BE replacing my motorcycle, in the near future.
    IMHO, if you need over 300 CC’s to support your manhood, you should probably just get a motorcycle instead. This scoot seems perfect for me.
    Now if only they’d offer snow tires in the USA for these things like the rest of the world has access to…the 2 wheeled industry might start taking us seriously. (they don’t, because people here use these things as toys, NOT transportation)

  • Jose Evangelista

    I got a X Max 300, is fast and smooth, I can go up to 95 MPH , I’ve had several bikes and of course is not the same as a motorcycle but is nice, I been traveling around California and feels good!