Today, Yamaha unveiled the 2016 XSR900, the latest model based on the company’s popular FZ-09 platform. Catering towards riders who want an “authentic and honest” motorcycle, the XSR900 draws its styling inspiration from XS models of the past, with features like a hand-buffed aluminum fuel tank cover (for the Matte Gray color), single round headlight, instrument gauge, and brake light.

Powered by the same 847cc Triple found in the FZ and FJ-09 models, the XSR900 is wrapped in the same aluminum frame and swingarm as those models as well. While the XSR’s design and inspiration might be retro-inspired, the bike still sports some 21st century technology like three-stage traction control (minimum intervention, maximum intervention, and off), ABS, assist and slipper clutch. KYB provides a 41mm fork in front and a single shock in the rear, both adjustable for spring preload and rebound damping.

The rider also sits slightly more rearward on the XSR900 than on the FZ-09, a position Yamaha says is also retro-inspired. The saddle itself is 15mm taller than the FZ-09, and features burgundy stitching.

The XSR900 will be available in Matte Gray/Aluminum and 60th Anniversary Yellow. For the 60th Anniversary Yellow color, the aluminum fuel tank covers are painted in yellow-and-black Yamaha racing livery.

Pricing will be announced in February 2016, and models will be in dealerships beginning in April.

Follow the rest of our 2015 EICMA Show coverage for more information on new 2016 motorcycle announcements.

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Yamaha Communities

  • spiff

    Not what I want, but i have heard many clamor for such a bike.

  • Jose Jalbuena

    This going to be available in America + Canada? Or is it Europe and Asia only?

    • TroySiahaan

      Don’t know about Canada, but the XSR will be coming to the United States beginning in April 2016.

  • Alexander Pityuk

    There is no harmony at all. The architecture is screamingly modern with aluminum frame and swingarm. Not to mention extremely tight packing – you can’t see a single beam of light through the bike.

  • SRMark

    it’s a bit of a mess, but an interesting mess. With that tank it needs traditional gauges. I’ll be fun to look at come April.

  • Born to Ride

    Well I gotta say, this bike is a whole helluva lot better looking than that hobbled together mess of the FZ09. Though it still suffers the same goofy proportions because the chassis remains the same. I always hated how the bike looks like the steering head is way too tall and the swingarm way too short, giving the impression that it is squatting and leaning back. Probably aids in the hucking of fantastic wheelies though.

  • Reid

    When you mention the front and rear suspension being adjustable for pre-load and rebound, does this mean that it is an improved version of the stuff on the FZ-09? I haven’t heard anything good about the 09’s suspension, and, though I do really like the look of the bike, I’d rather not have to spend another 1,200 bucks on the aftermarket to get a better ride.

    • TroySiahaan

      Details were vague at the presentation, but reading between the lines, I’m led to believe the suspension hasn’t changed from the FZ-09.

      • Reid

        That’s what I was afraid of, and that’s a bummer. Thanks for the quick reply, Troy.

  • Montana dave

    “Authentic and honest.” Well maybe the tank. What b.s. hype. That huge steering head frame looks terrible. As a whole,ugly,ugly,ugly. Agree with the comments,the FZ-09’s cheap price comes with suspension that is bottom feeder junk. Great engine but did they improve the mapping? Yamaha,you can do better.

  • Peter c

    Did you know this bike has a brake light? Journalism is a dying art.