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The Japanese company was well known for its musical instruments, but in 1955 it began producing motorcycles. It began with simple and inexpensive machines but has grown to its position as a powersports powerhouse, offering some of the best sportbikes, cruisers and off-road bikes on the market. It ranks second only to Honda as the leader among Japanese manufacturers.

2005 Yamaha XT660R

Remember the days when manly men rode XT's? Almost three long decades ago Yamaha launched the XT500 and the model would grow to become the inspiration source for countless variations on the rough-and-macho dual-purpose theme.

2005 Yamaha R6 Track Test

It's getting warm, oh yeah I'm feeling the burn..... on my knee that is. You see, I'm indicating 123MPH and my right knee has been skimming along the asphalt all the way from the pit exit through the apex of Turn One.

2005 Yamaha R6 Intro

I've owned an open-class sportbike and loved its instant acceleration from anywhere in the rev range, but I also remember wishing it would change direction a little quicker

2004 MO-ron Sport Tourer Comparo

We've decided to throw in not one, but all three of the suggested bikes from our 4-way ST Shootout Poll. That's right what we have here is a full blown 6-bike test, with six riders covering over 9,600 bike miles and two sleazy nights in a Reno hotel.

2004 Yamaha V-max

Yamaha's V-Max is the Jerry Rice of motorcycles. Been around for almost 20 years. A living legend. Light years ahead of its competition back in the days of its youth.

Honda Shadow A.C.E. v. Yamaha V-Star 1100

You want a big cruiser but you don't need a large 1500 cc behemoth that weighs close to half-a-ton fully loaded. You want something you can cruise down the boulevard on but you want to be able to handle a corner or two. You want one of these...

2004 Yamaha R1 Street Test

At long last, here's the 2004 Yamaha R1, the third all-new bike in the highly anticipated 1000cc supersport class

Classic Tourer Comparo

Yeah, so you cruiser MOfos are gonna be permanently perturbed, but we've been sitting on this touring cruisers story for a coupla weeks whilst we published those spiffy reports on new 1000cc sportbikes. So, well, get over it and enjoy this latest MO novel

2004 Yamaha FZ6

It was Thursday. I was hot in LA when the call came in from MO: "Agent Jason, Yamaha has a new bike available for a few hours and we want you to go ride it tomorrow.


You're sick of sportbike tests, you tell us. Enough with the cruisers already. And: what news for the iron butted amongst us, MORons?

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