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The Japanese company was well known for its musical instruments, but in 1955 it began producing motorcycles. It began with simple and inexpensive machines but has grown to its position as a powersports powerhouse, offering some of the best sportbikes, cruisers and off-road bikes on the market. It ranks second only to Honda as the leader among Japanese manufacturers.


You're sick of sportbike tests, you tell us. Enough with the cruisers already. And: what news for the iron butted amongst us, MORons?

'03 R6: How To Find Your Inner Redline

Just flew in from Spain, and boy are my arms tired. Soon as I recover and gather up all the photos, tech info, etc, we'll post up a full report of Yamaha's little screamer.

2002 Scooter Smackdown

Yes, dearest MOridians, it's finally here -- the story you all haven't been waiting for: The Great Scooter Smackdown. In which Calvin and Stickie actually do smack down. And we didn't really pick a winner because we couldn't decide if we're all losers for

2003 Yamaha YZ450F

The Fed-Ex man arrived at Hatch Studios with plane tickets and a packed itinerary straight from Yamaha -- my new MO mission was going to Lake Whitney, Texas for a chance to ride the all-new 2003 YZ450F. I was apprehensive at first -- I'm a reborn dirt...

2002 Naked Bike Shootout

We've assembled quite the brace of nude and outright fun all-around bikes here, but how do they stack up at an out-and-out track test? Keep reading to find out.

2003 Yamaha Zuma

What was the title of that cheezy 80's love song- "I want you to want me?" I felt that was what the Zuma was singing to me as I motored around the streets of south Los Angeles.

Patrick Racing Road Star Warrior

With all of our recent forays out to Los Angeles County Raceway, doing drag strip runs with various machines, I've come to a realization: Drag racing does not suck.

First Ride: Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

Oh my, oh my, what a little teaser she was. Just two years ago, a fresh and naked beauty ended up as a desktop background on countless computer screens around the world and prompted grown men (me included) to drool.

2002 Yamaha FJR1300

When I was a kid I used to play make-believe with my friends. I'd be Audey Murphey or maybe Roy Rodgers while they'd be the outlaw Jessie James or Billy the Kid. They were good times, though I can't recall a time in recent memory when I've played...

Yamaha Diversion 900

As the prices of hardcore, cutting-edge sportbikes and luxo-tourers continue to rise, it seems like more and more the "regular guy" is getting squeezed out.

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