Regardless if you like or dislike motorcycles with sidecars, this video is worth viewing. Funny and informative, the Wilkinson brothers from Good Spark Garage deserve props for their creativity and sidecar skills.

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  • Douglas

    Perhaps the best vid yet here on MO…..very entertaining/informative/thought-provoking. I think I’m gonna get one, if I can unload a couple of other scoots.

  • Old MOron

    Well done. Makes me wish I had room in the garage.

  • JMDonald

    Makes me want a Ural.

  • RPJ

    The issue is not that the side car will rise on Rt turns, it’s that if you are going to fast & it doesn’t rise you will go straight no matter what is in front of you. The wider the hack (side car) the less chance of this happening, or so after 2 side cars I have found.

  • John A. Stockman

    I went through many difficult challenges so I could just swing my leg over a motorcycle seat again. So when my disability started to get worse after about 15 years back on 2 wheels, I looked into alternatives like 3-wheel options. I knew I’d get a fair amount of derision from die-hard, 2-wheels-or-no-wheels folks, but I had a lot of tortuous therapy and surgeries behind my ability to get back on a bike, so I was going to explore and exhaust all my options to continue to ride. I first got a trike conversion, a Lehman, and installed it myself on a nice GL1500 in the late 90s. 172,000 miles in 11 years, I sold it and got a new Ural Tourist. After I got the GL done, I took the Evergreen Safety Council S/TEP course near Seattle. It was an eye opening experience and I learned more than I imagined I would. An entirely different set of skills was required, just as challenging. I took the course again after I got the Ural, adding even more to my skill set. I didn’t give up and I’m so glad I was able to keep riding because I explored those two options. And didn’t pay any attention to those that said I wouldn’t be a “real” motorcyclist if I went to 3-wheels.

  • SRMark

    Makes me want to go watch Wallace and Gromit.