The UK’s main motorcycle manufacturer ended its fiscal year June 30 with a(nother) bang, this report just in last week from Phil Read Jr., Triumph’s U.S. Public Relations Manager.

In the financial year 2017, Triumph grew global revenues by £90.9m to £498.5m, with profit before exceptional costs increasing by £8.1m to £24.7m: £498.5m is about $666.5 million today.

Motorcycle retail grew by 7,151 units to 63,404 units retailed during the financial year – an increase of 11.3%. Triumph sold 86.1% of its bikes in overseas markets, an increase of 0.8%.

That’s three years of record growth and retail sales for Triumph, both in the U.S. and globally. Triumph has been doing things differently in the U.S., eschewing things like the usual International Motorcycle Show circuit in favor of hosting its own 60-stop North American tour, where it invites the coolest buyers to the hippest locations.

Then there’s the fact that it’s launched a lot of very favorably received motorcycles in the last two years, including five in the last 12 months: Street Triple, Bobber Black, a new Speedmaster, and new Tiger 800 and 1200 adventure models.

———————————————————————————————————–Here’s the full Press Release:

18 December 2017

Triumph Motorcycles Group Limited FY17 Results Statement

Triumph Motorcycles Group Limited has today announced its financial results for the year ending 30 June 2017.

In the financial year 2017, Triumph grew global revenues by £90.9m to £498.5m with profit before exceptional costs increasing by £8.1m to £24.7m.


2017 2016
Turnover £498.5m £407.6m
EBITDA £41.1m £27.8m
Profit before tax £24.7m £16.6m
Research & development costs £29.2m £26.9m
Motorcycles retailed 63,404 56,253
Percentage of motorcycles sold in overseas countries 86.1% 85.3%

In the face of continuing challenging economic and currency conditions, including Brexit, Triumph Group has performed strongly and has maintained its commitment and investment in research and development, with a view to furthering the continuous improvements of its products.

The Group has continued to develop its excellent motorcycle range, launching five new motorcycles in the last 12 months – the new Street Triple, the new Bobber Black, the new Speedmaster and the new Tiger 800 and Tiger 1200 adventure motorcycles.

It has also continued to demonstrate its commitment to meeting customer needs, with the opening of a £4m Factory Visitor Experience at its Hinckley base. The Factory Visitor Experience includes a museum charting the history of Triumph, which is free to enter, as well as an opportunity for fans and enthusiasts to take a tour of Triumph’s high-tech manufacturing plant to see where Triumph’s class-leading motorcycles are built.

Triumph is excited about the future and is committed to delivering its long-term vision through investment in the Company’s people, facilities and product that fuses character, heritage and performance to ensure the success of the brand.


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  • Mad4TheCrest

    Results as of long-ago June 2017. Seat of the pants estimation through casual observation would indicate things cooled off a bit later in the year – for everybody including Triumph. Here’s hoping 2018 hits a torrid sales pace now through June.


    Looks like the R&D they have done in a declining market is paying dividends. Go Triumph!

  • StripleStrom

    They are making bikes people want to own; simple as that!

    • Max Wellian

      And the ownership experience is pretty sweet too. Major maintenance only every 20k miles. And in addition to looking the biz, the bikes ride great, get stupid good fuel mileage, sound kewl, are easy to work on, and are as reliable as a stone ax.

      • Born to Ride

        If it wasn’t for the stupid front wheel size that demands you buy a proprietary set of tires or else mix and match various radial and bias plys, I’d say that the Street twin is the most desireable “beginners” bike available in my mind. I’d have killed for one when I was in high school. Just a true get on and twist the throttle kind of bike.

      • Mad4TheCrest

        Sadly, not all recent year model Triumphs have 20k major intervals. My 2014 Tiger 800 requires valve checks every 12K miles, although I’m told only the first one is really necessary to have done on time. I was actually told by one authorized Triumph shop I could wait until 24K for the first check but people who I consulted and who ought to know where adamant to stick to the book at the 12K service.

        • Born to Ride

          The 800 may still be the last generation engine that was just a stroked out 675. The Daytona and the Street Triple lines use an updated engine and last year the speedie had the internals of its 1050 reworked. It was following those changes that the intervals were extended. So the current triples in 675, 765, and 1050 configurations have the 10k/20k maintenance schedule. But I’ll be changing my oil every 5k like I have always done. Fresh oil never hurt anything.

          • Mad4TheCrest

            That’s weird. I have a 2016 Street Triple (purchased Jan ’17), and the dealer said same valve check interval as my ’14 Tiger. Of course that dealer has ‘misrepresented’ the facts to me before, so I may have to RTFM.

          • Born to Ride

            No I was wrong, I just checked it. 6000/12000, same as before.

  • Malcolm Turncoat

    The Thais are building some great bikes

    • Mad4TheCrest

      They do. I owned a 2004 T-100 (last year of British assembly) and now two Thai-built Trumpets. The only difference so far is the Brit-built one had an oil leak, easily fixed, just to be traditional, I think.

  • spiff

    I think their success is do to they created cruisers that are not copy cats. Now with the Moto2 program they are focusing on performance. In the next three years or so they will probably have a nicely balanced and current line up.

    • Rocky Stonepebble

      dew do due
      their there they’re
      too to two
      toad toed towed
      I hope you see where I’m going with this.

      • spiff

        My pronoun issue has been with me since I can remember.

        • Rocky Stonepebble

          “Due” is an adjective, not a pronoun.

  • Sahil Srivastava

    They still dont do demo days, wont be buying a triumph unless i test ride first.

    • Born to Ride

      I got to test ride the new STR. Sounds like you need to get a better dealer.

    • TriumphRider87

      I’ve never had that issue with Triumph – have demoed or been offered to demo every single one of their bikes at every dealer that carries them. Where are you that your dealer isn’t offering test rides?

    • Kahless01

      says who? ive gone to several demo days with triumph. my dealership just had one this past september. rode the new thruxtons and bobber. i bought my bike after a demo day back in 2011.

    • Jason M.

      What? Triumph offers test rides on all their bikes, it comes with being a premium manufacturer.

  • jeff benson

    Biggest bike maker in all of Great Britain. Lol!

    • Mad4TheCrest

      Well, they do dwarf the rebirthed but-stuck-in-perpetual-todlerdome Norton.