Earlier this week, we wrote about a new video from Triumph teasing a new Speed Triple model to be announced on Jan. 29. Thanks to new filings released by the California Air Resources Board, we can now confirm the new model will be 2018 Triumph Speed Triple RS variant.

New Triumph Speed Triple Teased for Jan. 29

The CARB executive order certifies the Speed Triple RS along with the Speed Triple R. Absent, however, is the Speed Triple S that was offered for the last few years. The CARB filing also confirms the engine will remain at a 1050cc displacement, though there is evidence that Triumph has made some changes to the powerplant.

2018 Triumph Speed Triple RS carb filing

From a shot of the new TFT display in the video, we already know the Speed Triple has an 11,000 rpm redline, compared to the 10,000 redline on the 2017 model. The new CARB filing also idetifies the engine family by the code PHX; The current Speed Triple engine, last updated for 2016, is identified the code BCB while the prior generation Speed Triple code was NNB.

The 2018 executive order also states lower hydrocarbon and NOX emissions levels than the 2017 model, though the CO emissions are higher for 2018.

Besides the new digital instrumentation, the teaser also showed a new five-spoke wheel design (which looks similar to the ones on the Street Triple), revised switchgear, a new Arrow exhaust, a new front fender and some carbon fiber components that we expect will all be on the new Speed Triple RS.

We’ll have more details when Triumph makes an official announcement on Monday, Jan. 29. Check back here on Motorcycle.com for full coverage of the new 2018 Triumph Speed Triple RS.

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  • spiff

    1050. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    • Mad4TheCrest

      Triumph may be just extending the life of that 1050 Triple by spicing it up enough with extra revs to differentiate the Speed from the Street, which is now closer in displacement. We should be able to tell; if Triumph plans a longish run still for the 1050 they will need to lighten the bike as much as possible. If it comes out a porker then I’ll bet it’s a stopgap model just waiting for the big redesign to come (with 1200cc Triple).

      • JMDGT

        The 1050 is a great engine. I do see Triumph going with more displacement for the Speed if they want to continue the evolution of the offering. They do of course. You are dead on about the weight. They need to keep that in mind on the next gen version too. A liter version of the Street RS is nothing to sneeze at. I wouldn’t mind having one. It is a competitive segment. The Tuono is the benchmark. With Ducati offering a new V4 in the Panigale i can’t help but hope they will use that engine in other models. We live in interesting times.

      • Christine

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  • Gary

    Here’s hoping they give it classic styling, rather than transformer looks that make it look like a crash rebuild. I really hate the way previous Speed Triples looked. Great bike. Wretched profile.

    • Mad4TheCrest

      Heck, even though I don’t mind the look, I’d still prefer to see an updated Triumph Thunderbird Sport (the old standard triple NOT the more recent big twin cruiser), with the 1050 (or 1200 motor).

      • Born to Ride

        That was a sexy bike.

  • Jason M.

    I really wish they would ditch the dual high cans. That’s the first thing I replaced on my ’12 Street Triple and saved 22 pounds in the process.

    • Born to Ride

      But they look kewl. Manlier if you will. I’d switch it to a single high mount can if I bought one. The weight savings are undeniable though.