Because a video’s worth at least 2000 words…

Right, it’s been a couple of weeks since we posted our first-ride impressions of Triumph’s latest additions to its ever-expanding Bonneville line – the Street Cup and Street Scrambler – which the printed word and still photos pour forth faster than video. The Cup and Scrambler, you’ll recall, are both packing Triumph’s excellent yet economical 900cc High Torque parallel-Twin, which debuted a year earlier in the Street Twin.

We think you’ll agree this one was worth the wait: 5:55 of carefully choreographed and beautifully scored action featuring both the Cup and the Scrambler, shot on location outside beautiful Madrid, Spain with a cast of one – all of it filmed in stunning digital video color,  lovingly edited and scored by MO’s own Videographer in Chief, James Martinec. Plug in your earbuds, angle your monitor away from the boss’s prying eyes, and enjoy!

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  • Old MOron

    Seasoned pro gives candid and insightful perspective on two new bikes. They seem like they would be fun to ride and own. Perhaps the price seems a bit steep at first blush, but that’s why you have to see and ride them for yourself.

    “I don’t want to come back to Spain…” LOL, business travel seems so glamorous until you have to do it, yourself.

    • JMDGT

      You are dead on OM. When you travel you are on the clock 24/7.

  • JWaller

    “They keep making me come to Spain to ride new Triumphs.”

    Hey, if you ever get tired of it, I’ll go to Spain and ride the new Triumphs for you, give you my opinion of the ride and any perspective I can, and let you write up the story. And, I’d do it for free. I can ride a bike, I can collect data, hell, I’m a mathematician so I can crunch the numbers if need be, but I’m no wordsmith, so I can’t create an entertaining, readable story like John Burns.

    Keep me in mind if you ever need a hand with all the travel and work. And keep the good stories coming.

    • DickRuble

      “Keep me in mind if you ever need a hand with all the travel and work.”

      Yeah, Burns, if you need a valet to carry your luggage, iron your underwear, and wax your boots, call him. He can also totally do your sophisticated spreadsheets (and Brasfield’s).

      • spiff

        Not a bad deal as long as the waxing stops at boots.

  • Mad4TheCrest

    I feel bad for the Street Cup. There’s a lot to like about it, but ultimately the bike and its merits will get lost between the Street Twin and the base Thruxton.


    A real guy telling us about two bikes I can’t help but like. These bikes are in my DNA. Well done.

  • Born to Ride

    Sigh… Really pretty bikes, but I still see no excuse why they couldn’t produce at least as much horsepower as an SV650 with a modern 900cc SOHC twin engine. I don’t think that camming it for 65-70 hp would have detracted appreciably from the gruntiness of the engine and would have made up a bit for their near 500lb curb weights. I absolutely love the aesthetic of the street twin but the mismatched tire construction and power-to-weight ratio are really off-putting for me. Maybe someone will find a way to unlock some significant but reliable power gains that won’t require splitting cases.

  • spiff

    I like what Triumph has been doing. These bikes are not intimidating, fun to ride, and look good. A welcome option to a cruiser.

    Now let’s hope they continue to show attention to the naked line, and maybe give the Daytona the 765 engine.