Triumph announced an updated Tiger Sport featuring the latest iteration of the company’s 1050cc engine and electronics introduced in the Speed Triple R and Speed Triple S. Sadly, however, Triumph’s North American arm has decided not to import it to our shores. Americans last saw this bike in 2012 as the Tiger 1050 but we have been left wanting since the previous update and renaming in 2013.


Visually, the 2016 model looks similar to last year’s model except for the new color options (matt black with neon yellow highlights or the aluminum silver with red details pictured here). Minor updates include handguards, grippier pegs, an adjustable tinted screen and new mirrors.


The biggest changes come in the engine and electronics. The latest 1050cc Triple features 104 updates from the previous powerplant, with Triumph claiming increased peak power and overall torque and a 10% improvement in fuel efficiency. The exhaust system was also refined, which should help the Tiger Sport meet Euro4 emission standards. Triumph also added a slip-assist clutch to reduce rider fatigue and to lessen the rear wheel’s proclivity to hopping when sloppily downshifting through the six-speed gearbox.


Like the latest Speed Triples, the Tiger Sport receives ride-by-wire throttle control and traction control. The 2016 Tiger Sport comes with three power modes (Road, Rain and Sport) but lacks the Track and user-programmable modes offered on the Speed Triple. The Tiger does, however, offer cruise control which better suits its intended purpose as an everyday commuter and tourer.

Full specifications and pricing will be announced at a later date.

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  • JMDonald

    I love this bike and would buy one tomorrow if Triumph would bring it here. Bastards.

    • 12er

      When they redid it in ’13 I was all set, but since they didnt bring it Im on a Multi now. I loved the 90’s version style wise then they uglied the heck out of it around ’00.

      • JMDonald

        I wrote to Triumph a few years back asking them to bring the Sport to the US. I was shined on over to the powers that be in Atlanta. The tried to steer me over to the Tiger 800. Like that is the same bike. I ended up with a R1200RT. I almost bought a Multi. I miss my old VFR.

        • Michael Mccormick

          I had the same experience with the Atlanta people. I think Harley listens to its customers and Triumph treats Americans like England did in colonial times. I’ve owned 4 modern Triumphs and loved them but the management are tossers

        • Brian Long

          Yup, the Triumph dealer here tried to tell me the same. Get the Tiger 800 they said, apparently not realizing that’s the bike I rode up on and wanted to replace.

          Oh, and that new plastic work on the Tiger 800’s is awful. Think they need to hire some Italians to work on the styling.

  • JMDonald

    I wrote Triumph a letter a couple of years ago asking them to bring the sport here. I was shined on over to the Atlanta office. They tried to push me to the Tiger 800. Like that is the same bike. I almost bought a multi but eventually decided on a R1200RT. I still want a Tiger Sport. I miss my old VFR.

  • JWaller

    This would be a perfect replacement for my 2001 955i Sprint ST. Too bad they had to do away with that bike for the Trophy. Guess I’ll ride the wheels off the Sprint. That might happen soon, though, it’s long in tooth.

    • Born to Ride

      Haha I was just about to say those EXACT words in your first sentence about my Sprint ST 1050. This bike looks great and I still love the motor. Would seriously consider it if the pricing and handling were right. I bet this thing would retail about 1500$ more than the speed triple if they brought it here. No pictures with factory hard bags tho.

  • Brian Long

    I too really liked this redesign a couple of years ago, and was pretty peeved when I found out they wouldn’t be importing it to the U.S. Then I see this article, and feel there is hope…but no. I open the article and get to read about the perfect bike for me that Triumph USA will not be importing, and can only mumble WTF Triumph under my breath. Lemme guess, we’ll be getting all the new Thunderbird bagger models here in the states.

  • NaClDog

    I’d go for an “R” version of this bike in a heartbeat. I’ll be moving on from my Daytona 955i to a KTM.

  • Randy Darino

    They fixed those horrible headlights that never should have gotten past the DOT.

  • Huff955

    What sense does it make to have 6-8 different “versions” of the two other Tigers, but we cant get this one, which would actually sell?

    • MarktheV

      Very true- although we somewhat brought this upon ourselves. The bikes were here in the States 3-4yrs ago but not enough were being sold due to the sudden affinity everyone had for the over-grown adventure bikes with 140+hp(media included). When the 2013 Multi came out editors were so enamored with the mega-power and gadgets they made it sound that riding the Tiger was as archaic as rubbing sticks together to make fire!
      It’s a shame more people couldn’t have demo’d these bikes as they were really good even before the updates. Hopefully this time around the US market will accept the benefits of a long-legged, 17″-wheeled bike that can easily handle highway commutes, back road weekends and the occasional track day.

  • sgray44444

    That thing is ugly all day long, but I love it. These are really the bikes that most people need. We all think we want something more sporty or for riding coast to coast, but an adventure style bike with hard bags is really the sweet spot. I think (as MarktheV said so well) that the motorcycle press and everyone’s lust for more power has done a great disservice to us by making us think we need 150hp and every electronic function known to mankind. Give me a comfortable but sporty bike like this with 85-115hp, hard bags, decent wind protection, and I’m set. ABS should included on every motorcycle that is not a full-on sportbike, in my opinion. Traction control and cruise would be nice, but is not a deal breaker for me. I wish I had bought a Sprint ST when they were available. It really was my perfect bike. I loved my Speed Triple but wished it had some wind protection and luggage. My V-strom is a great bike, but could really use more power.