On our way to Phillip Island in Australia to ride the baddest Gixxer ever, we stopped over in Japan to visit Suzuki’s factory and test track in Hamamatsu. While there we learned some interesting tidbits about the all-new 200-horsepower superbike.

1. Variable Valve Timing Is Nothing New


Variable Valve Timing makes its way for the first time on a production Suzuki in this GSX-R, but its lineage stretches back at least four years. Suzuki’s top-level racing superbikes, including the AMA/MotoAmerica ones, have been using a similar system since 2012.

2. Sub-10 Second Quarter-Mile


Suzuki’s chief test rider Nakashima-san says the new Gixxer runs a standing quarter-mile in just 9.8 seconds at the Ryoyu test track, an improvement of 0.2 second over last year’s model. Nakashima has a 30-year history at Suzuki, 28 as a test rider, stretching back to the beginning of of the GSX-Rs.

3. Inspected By Humans, Not Robots


The oil holes of the Gixxer Thou’s crankshaft are inspected by humans with tiny camera because of the extreme high-performance nature of the bikes; engines in other Suzukis are checked by machine.

4. Cranking Them Out


Suzuki’s production line at its Toyokawa plant can assemble 240 GSX-Rs per day on its 80-meter assembly line manned by 51 employees. Engines are built 30 miles away at Suzuki’s Takatsuka Plant in the Hamamatsu area.

5. Revvin’ Kevin


The GSX-R1000 with the 34th VIN number will be sent to 500cc Grand Prix champion Kevin Schwantz, who famously rode with the #34 on the side of his bikes.

  • Starmag

    Suzuki’s VVT is ingeniously simple and all mechanical which gets it conveniently around Motogp’s electrical and hydraulic VVT rule apparently.

    How many of these will they sell per year? 10,000? That would be about two months of production at those numbers.

  • Old MOron

    Hey, that’s a cool factoid about Kevin Schwantz’s bike. The other info is good, too, but I like the human connection to their past champion.

  • kenneth_moore

    Looking at the 3rd item makes me wish Suzuki sold a “Gixxer in a Box” kit that you could assemble at home. I’m sure there are special tools etc. required, but it’s fun to imagine doing it.

    • Born to Ride

      I’d want them to at least assemble the motor at the factory, but that would be a cool kit.

    • JMDGT

      I think you can still get a Royale Enfield unassembled. Maybe not now but at one time you could.

    • spiff

      They could get Justin Timberlake for the ad campaign. “Look, it’s my bike in a box”.

    • BDan75

      Definitely fun to imagine…probably a little less fun to test ride at triple digit speeds for the first time!

  • Jack Loganbill

    standing quarter-mile in just 9.8 seconds… heck a Tesla does it almost that fast… Just saying…

    • john phyyt

      Big difference between 10.9 and 9.8 .. Just saying.. And since both burn long-dead vegitation ?

      • Soulful Brudda

        Ummm 10.0 vs 9.8….

        • Born to Ride

          10.7 and change was what the P100D managed with 760 horsepower. Far cry from a 10.0 let alone a 9.8.

        • john mature puss

          no “ummms” really. 0.9 second (and falling further behind) at the terminal speeds it does is 50 metres.

    • Born to Ride

      Sigh… Some people’s kids. The Tesla model that can achieve that is nearly 100 grand. This bike will be under 20. The Tesla is limited to 155mph, the GSXR will do 187 assuming the 300kph limiter is still in effect. The Tesla is a car, which means its entire purpose in life is to be available when it’s raining and therefore I must subject myself to operating a rolling cage. But yeah, they both can go pretty damn fast in a straight line. Brilliant deduction Watson.


    The beauty that only a sport bike can exhibit this GSX is one gorgeous machine.

  • Fivespeed 302

    If only it was a Big Bang. If only.

  • Chris Noblett

    So pumped for this bike!
    Already put my ZX-10R up for sale.