It’s been eight long years since Suzuki last updated its GSX-R1000, and the time they spent creating the new one has been well worth it. Everything from the engine to the frame to the electronics and suspension has been given a ground-up redo, creating the best Gixxer Thou ever. Now boasting as much power as BMW’s ferocious S1000RR, Suzuki is ready to take the fight to the top rivals in the class.

2017 Suzuki GSX-R1000R Review – First Ride

Full details of my impressions can be found in the link above, but now we’ve got some moving pictures for you to peruse in this video. And also some audio of the GSX-R howling down the front straight at the majestic Phillip Island circuit, which demonstrates that even a muffler as large as a trash bin can’t suppress nearly 200 horsepower of inline-Four shrieking at 14,500 rpm!

Five Fun Facts About The 2017 Suzuki GSX-R1000

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  • DickRuble

    The bike looks significantly better in video than in pictures. A walk around with a video camera would be nice.

    • Chris Noblett

      This bike looks drop dead gorgeous in person. At the IMS in Dallas I was blown away with it.

    • Sean

      I still find it pretty ugly; still looks like it’s stuck in the mid nineties.

      • DickRuble

        Give us an example of what you consider great contemporary motorcycle design..

        • Sean

          Of the currently available superbikes I find the Panigale by far the most aesthetically pleasing. I think the R1 looks great from the side though the front end could use some work. Then, for me the bmw, kawasaki, aprilia, and new honda all look pretty good but nothing amazing. Im not quite sure what it is about the gsxr that I don’t like. I guess the more I look at it the less offensive it gets, its just hard to see past that can. Replace the muffler and I could see it looking pretty good in black.

  • Old MOron

    Wow, that’s some great footage. Seems like sometimes the camera was stationary, and sometimes it was moving with you. Really nice work.

  • William Marvin Parker

    Nice video guys..wish I weren’t too darn old for a fast bike, the Suzuki looks sweet. It should be noted that on the new Honda Cbr1000r SP model , the upgraded suspension is like 3k more expensive than the Gixxer…

    • FLYGOD

      It should also be noted that the base Fireblade is the same price as the more expensive GSX-R1000R.

      • William Marvin Parker

        That’s probably a better way of stating it..

  • john phyyt

    Red face .. It must have been hot .. Or the “make up girl” was playing with you.
    Troy has a virus and you get hellish temps .. These fly away jaunts aren’t all they seem:
    You are obviously a two finger braker. I really enjoyed this video as it gives you a true feeling of what it is like to be at a track with mechanics to attend to your needs. .. New sticky tires Sir ? Yes; will we adjust the suspension to suit you? Ahem. Love it. I am jealous as the few times I go to a track something goes wrong and day ends:

  • ColoradoS14

    “Now boasting as much power as BMW’s ferocious S1000RR, Suzuki is ready to take the fight to the top rivals in the class.”

    I’ll believe this when I see the dyno, I have a sneaking suspicion this thing will be down 5-10whp on the S1000. Which is fine as long as that midrange is as strong as Kevin says it is.