They’re a little short-handed at American Suzuki, enough so that they asked, if we were going to be keeping our loaner V-Strom 1000 for a while, would we mind changing the oil at its 600-mile break-in interval? Actually I think they just wanted to get us to mention their new ECSTAR Suzuki Oil Change Kits, but I was so excited at the change from the usual DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING ON OUR MOTORCYCLE attitude, I’m willing to play along.

I’m sure other OEMs must’ve done complete oil change kits, but I’m not aware of any off the top of my head. The idea strikes me as small stroke of genius, really, made possible I suppose because of the fact that all Suzuki motorcycles share a common oil filter. All you have to figure out then is if you want semi-synthetic or full synthetic, and if your bike needs three or four quarts? For people who agonize over what kind of oil to put in their bike, if it’s a Suzuki, problem solved.

Actually I don’t know about the oil filter commonality, but I know I had one R9000 kit ($59.95) here, with four quarts of Suzuki’s R9000 Full Synthetic 10W-40, and another R7000 kit ($49.95) with four quarts of its R7000 Semi-Synthetic 10W-40 juice (because we’re also in possession of a new GSX-S750 that needs its oil changed): Both kits contained the same Suzuki Genuine Oil Filter Part #16510-07J00 and Genuine Gaskets #09168-14004 and 09168-12002 (one of which will be your new drain plug crush washer), so it was eenie-meenie-miney-moe time, we decided to put the semi-synthetic in the V-Strom.

Removing a couple of fasteners let us pull the Suzuki’s plastic modesty panel aside to reveal its drain plug and easy-access oil filter – easy enough that even the Editorial Director was able to perform the operation with no injuries to himself or the motorcycle. The `Strom says right on its side that it takes 3.7 quarts, which was actually closer to 4 with the new filter. Perfect.

Mainly I was excited to use a new crush washer on the drain plug, since I’ve never done that before in the many oil changes I’ve done over the years. Sadly, I was not able to dislodge the previously crushed crush washer from the drain plug (remind me to get a vise), and the Editorial Director was too busy on the phone to berate me, so those nice new ones went into the junk drawer for use at a later date. Mea culpa. Don’t tell anybody at Suzuki.

As for value, $49.95 for four quarts of premium motorcycle spec semi-synth plus a new filter and washer seems reasonable to me, especially given the convenience and lack of chin-rubbing cogitation required. ECSTAR is a Japanese combination of ecstasy and riding. You’re also supporting Suzuki’s MotoGP team when you buy ECSTAR products, which is a nice feeling. I feel it.

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  • HazardtoMyself

    Call me lazy but what be nice if there is a kit that gives you the exact amount of oil needed.

    This 3.15634342535 quarts thing in some vehicles gets annoying.

    • lennon2017

      Engine oil actually makes for decent non-caking (every dirt particle doesn’t want to stick to what might otherwise be waxy) chain lube, a tip veteran adv riders are well apprised of, so pour some of the extra into the bottle cap and slowly drizzle it onto the links as you spin your rear tire with your free hand. Assuming your tire is elevated! Then look at your squeaky bicycle in the garage corner and be a hero all over again.

  • john phyyt

    It is worth taking the minute or two to put a small blade onto drain plug to dislodge old washer. No vise needed.Pic. shows a nice set of Multigrips to hold plug. Also correct torque is really nice.
    This is one of the reasons . That Service by a mechanic is prized. When you go buy a used motorcycle.

    • Johnny Blue

      Phew… service by mechanic… The last one I went to tightened my forks pinch bolts with a pneumatic wrench…

    • Sentinel

      Taking my bikes to “Service by a mechanic” has not only caused serious damage to my bikes, it almost cost me my life when one of the fools failed to tighten the front brake caliper bolts once. I will NEVER allow another of those fools to touch one of my bikes, and if it’s a recall issue, I’ll either pay for the part and do it myself, or if no other choice, I’ll watch like a hawk as the fool damages my bike in person I suppose.

      • Johnny Blue

        I had one once changing my tires and when I left I found out he forgot to pump the rear brake… Good thing I knew what to do and I was still in the parking lot at slow speed.

  • DickRuble

    Or, for $28, you get one gallon of shell rotella t6 fully synthetic and an oil filter and do the same thing. Your bike will be better for the wear. If this prompts you to rub your chin, you should check with your neurologist.

  • Ron Hayes

    Victory also sells the oil kits for their cruisers. They have kits with 5 or 4 quarts for the different size Freedom engines Funny thing is that now I prefer the K&N filter with the bolt. It is easier to find a 17mm wrench versus a filter wrench. How hard is it to get a filter and oil separately at a motor cycle dealer? The motor on the side on each of my metric bikes have the oil capacity listed to determine how much oil I need. Although the crush washer is nice.

  • Sayyed Bashir

    Too bad I just spent $65 on 20W-50 Golden Spectro Semi Synthetic oil and HiFlo Filtro HF138 oil filter for my Suzuki Bandit’s next oil change. It takes 3.7 quarts. The remaining amount you can keep for topping it off (even though it never uses oil).

    • DickRuble

      $65? for semi-synthetic? a 20W50.. to boot…ROFLMAO…. And you want a drain pan with that? A recyclable one? A reusable one that you can wipe with a biodegradable paper towel won’t do for you? Hilarious..

      • Sayyed Bashir

        Filter $9, $56 for 4 quarts (or $14 per quart) on Amazon. Pretty reasonable I think. No tax or shipping, delivered to front door.

        • Sayyed Bashir

          Oh, I am sorry! I forgot I was talking to the $28 Shell Rotella T6 Fully Synthetic (filter included) guy. Since my filter is $9, the oil better be $19. Where do you buy it? It is $88 on Amazon.

          • DickRuble

            $21.36/gallon on Amazon.
            Filter is $5.91 at Walmart

          • Sayyed Bashir

            Yes, after I opened my big mouth, I did some research and found good prices on Walmart and Amazon. I have only two concerns: Why use motor oil designed for diesel trucks and tractors in a motorcycle? I read somewhere that it gets thicker after it warms up. Secondly I buy 20W-50 oil for my bike but this is 5W-40.