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AIMExpo 2014: 2015 Star Bolt C-Spec Plus Others Announced + Video

Star Motorycles added to its popular Bolt line of cruisers today with the introduction of the new Bolt C-Spec. Astute readers can probably guess what the C stands for, but we’ll clear it up, right away. Café-styled motorcycles have always been popular, and right now, they are hot. Since Star sees the Bolt as a platform for customization, it only makes sense that it would want to help customers along by providing them with a café-ed canvas to begin their personalization.

Using the same 950cc engine and chassis as the rest of the Bolt line plus the shocks from the R-Spec, the Bolt C-Spec features such niceties as clip-on handlebars (with sportier switch gear) for a more assertive riding stance. The rider’s interaction with the C-Spec is improved by foot pegs that were relocated 5.9 in. rearward and about 1 in. higher. The peg placement not only puts the rider in a more sporting position, but also increases the Bolt’s lean angle from 33° to 37° of cornering fun.

Clip-ons and fork boots for a café look. Clip-ons and relocated pegs for better performance.

The fork’s stanchions are dressed up (and protected) by traditional, rubber boots. The speedometer has been moved from below the handlebar to above it for better visibility. The seat gains a removable pillion cowl to add to the sporty-factor. Finally, the “sport café paint” comes in two spiffy colors, Liquid Silver and Envy Green, and feature two-color racing stripes on the tank and rear fender. Like the rest of the Bolt line, the C-Spec has steel fenders and tons of factory accessories for putting an individual touch on each one.

The Bolt C-Spec will retail for $8,690 ($300 more than the R-Spec) and will arrive in dealerships in January 2015.

How do you spell badass? B-U-L-L-E-T C-O-W-L.

Raider and Stryker Bullet Cowl Editions

Star also announced new editions to the 2015 Raider and Stryker cruisers. The Raider Bullet Cowl brings the Raider line to a total of three models: Raider, Raider S, and Raider Bullet Cowl, while the Stryker Bullet Cowl becomes the second Stryker. Both Bullet Cowl models will benefit from wind protection at highway speeds, making those long rides much more enjoyable. Additionally, the cowls give both an even more aggressive visage, augmenting the muscular good looks of the two V-Twin powered bikes.

The 1304cc Stryker Bullet Cowl adds a blacked out exhaust and air-cleaner to its raked-out styling. Retailing for$12,090, the 2015 Stryker Bullet Cowl will arrive in dealerships this month in Camo Green.

113 cubic-inches of Bullet Cowled attitude.

Also arriving in October, the $15,390 Raider Bullet Cowl will sport a Raven color scheme in addition to the cowl giving the “bone crushing” 1854cc (113 cu. in.) V-Twin even more of a top dog stance.

Follow the rest of our 2014 AIMExpo coverage for more information on new 2015 motorcycle announcements.

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