Standard Motorcycle Reviews

Standard-type motorcycles have a riding position midway between the forward-rotated position of a sportbike and the reclined arrangement of a cruiser, putting the rider in a very natural position not unlike a low dirtbike. Standards often have little or no fairing and limited bodywork, and many are appropriately termed as Naked bikes. Standards are popular for commuting and other city riding, as the upright riding position is comfortable and gives greater visibility in traffic.

Ducati GT1000 Sport Classic Road Test

It seems like everything is retro these days; retro cars, retro music, retro clothing. The wild, colorful '70s are the thing. At least they are at the Ducati factory. We can just imagine the lava lamps, platform wedgies and giant hair-dos in the lunc

2007 Buell Lightning XB12STT

Erik Buell’s love for what he does and has done comes through in bursts of exuberance at overcoming the challenges of designing a motorcycle, or rather a sportbike, like no other. It’s that passion that fueled the creation of the Buell Lightning Super TT.

Three Naked Euros

If you have a young child, you know that they have more fun when they are naked. Come to think of it, doesn't everybody have more fun when they're naked? Motorcycling is actually an exception; the rider gets either very cold or very sunburned, plus nude r

Royal Enfield Bullet Sixty-5 Riding Impression

"What in the world is a Royal Enfield Bullet Sixty-5?" That's a question I was asked many times while I was testing this bike here at my western North Carolina home.

2007 CBF1000 First Ride Report

In Europe they're all about the naked bikes: you see them everywhere. But unlike the USA, bigger isn't necessarily better there, and the naked bikes are almost all of the middleweight variety.

It Ain't The Tool: Revisited

Three very different motorbikes with three very different jokers to ride those bikes and one, timeless principle to guide them. That's probably not exactly what Fred Rau had in mind when he penned his editorial, "It Ain't The Tool."

Guzzistas! 2006 Moto Guzzi Three-Way Combo

When it comes to big twins, the biggest twins might have the edge in sheer oomph, but smaller big twins are often smoother, freer- revving and all-around nicer.

2006 Suzuki GSR 600

Is this bike so good, so well rounded, so RIGHT or is it only my enthusiasm from my maiden road test that's distorting my judgement?

Review: 2006 BMW K1200R

Do you feel a little insulted by the phrase "tuned for torque"? Do you think the perfect bike is a 140 hp standard that pulls wheelies with ease, tops out at 180mph? You want naked superbike? We got naked superbike right here, pal.

2006 Yamaha FZ-1

Yamaha Sets a New Standard with a Sport Standard Standard-Bearer

2006 Ducati S4Rs

"Mi raccomando!" I hear the PR officer saying at the other end of the line, which in Italian street speak means: watch your ass!

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