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Sportbikes offer the most advanced motorcycle design technology available and are designed for optimum speed, acceleration, braking and maneuverability. They have a more aerodynamic design than other classes of bikes and are a thrill to ride for experienced motorcyclists, especially in high-performance situations such as a trackday down at your local racetrack. However, comfort and amenities usually suffer at an inverse proportion to how quick they are around a racetrack.

1996 Honda CBR600F3, Still No. 1

Honda's king of the middle-weights, the CBR600F3, returns for 1996 with nothing more than new clothes and a new price tag.

Triumph Daytona 900

The three-cylinder Daytona (there's also a 1200cc four-cylinder version) is touted as the sportbike of the Triumph range.

Yamaha TRX 850

Lately, it seems all motorcycle journalists having been driving themselves crazy trying to decide if Honda or Suzuki have finally toppled Ducati's 916 from it's place as Ultimate Sport-Twin Superbike, and little attention is paid to the other Japanese...

The Grand Prix Fantasy

Twenty years ago, the legendary Giacomo Agostini and his then-unconventional "gill-valved," water-cooled Yamaha YZR500 two-stroke dethroned the mighty MV-Agusta Gran Prix juggernaut, ending MV's unprecedented 17-year win streak.

Italian Stallion: Yamaha YZF1000R

Motorcycle Online brings you the latest from those crazy guys at our Italian borough. In their never-ending quest for speed comes a high-tech urban assault weapon. A Yamaha YZF750 with an FZR1000 engine. Here's how it came to be.

MachineArt MK9

Now don't get us wrong, we like Kawasakis. But unlike our opening trio of Italian supermodels, a search for high style among the Japanese Big Four will leave you hard pressed to find unique, inspired design.

Track Test: Harley Davidson VR1000

This is definitely not your average Harley-Davidson, or even one that shares any parts with the usual Milwaukee iron. The VR1000 is a V-twin, it's made in America, but there the resemblance ends.

Honda Lite: 1996 CBR900RR Riding Impression

Honda made a big deal of "Optimized Mass Centralization" four years ago, when the CBR nine was first rolled out. Translated, the jargon means if the weight is in the center of the bike, it handles better.

1996 Yamaha YZF1000R Thunderace

Ten years ago, at the birth of hypersports bikes in the middle '80s, Yamaha contributed to the new wave with the FZR1000 -- and for five years they ruled the roost of ultimate sports machinery.

Long-Term Evaluation: Triumph Sprint 900

Terribly distressed, a young lady begins to bellow something through the door of a bar I was sitting in: "There's been a big motorcycle wreck out here!"

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