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Scooters are two-wheeled vehicles that are unique in the fact that the engine is usually under the seat and directly attached to the rear axle. This allows the rider to not have to straddle the engine but puts a limitation on rear suspension quality. Scooters, in contrast to many other classes of motorcycles, have bodywork to conceal all the mechanicals. These make for great runabouts in the city and are amazingly prevalent in Europe and Asia.

2010 Honda Elite Review

Packed with renowned Honda quality and a market-friendly price, the 2010 Honda Elite is sure to please as well as thrill.

Best of 2009 - Motorcycles of the Year

With so much high-quality product to choose from, culling the field down into our Best Of winners was an arduous task. But that didn't stop us from coming up with our favorite stuff from the class of '09!

2010 Honda SH150i Review

Honda says the 150i is the best-selling scooter in Italy, of any brand, so it's already a hit in Europe. The SH is ready to take on the dollar-conscious and style-picky American melting pot – as well as a passenger -- all in one easy to manage package.

2009 Honda DN-01 Review

If the variety of motorcycles at Daytona’s Bike Week could be distilled into one machine, one could make a case that the Honda DN-01 would be the result.

2009 Yamaha T-Max 500 Review

While we get that whole Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn, Roman Holiday classic Vespa thing, we often don’t know what to make of these neither-fish-nor-fowl maxi-scooters.

2008 Vespa S 150 Review

There’s something about this tiny scooter that really sets it apart from the rest. Sure, it’s a Vespa so you’d expect it to be visually appealing, but this baby is different.

2008 QLINK Commuter 250 Review

The QLINK Commuter 250 doesn't have the same quality of fit and finish as a Japanese scooter. But it is a roadworthy ride and comes with something the Japanese scooters don't - a two-year factory warranty and one year of roadside assistance.

2008 Yamaha Morphous Review

The Morphous is a unique looking scooter that does not inspire indifference. It's got a super low 25.8-inch seat height and is shockingly long at 93.3 inches, which is just one inch shorter than a Harley-Davidson Softail Fat Boy.

2008 Yamaha C3 Review

It’s easy to have an opinion on Yamaha’s C3, but take a moment to think about the C3’s purpose. Where does the C3 fit into the world of motor scooters?

2008 Vespa GTV 250ie Review

It wouldn't matter if you striped the GTV of its Piaggio Vespa badge. The moment you touched her supple, saddle-stitched leather seat you would nod your head in approval...and that's just the FIRST impression.

2008 Aprilia SportCity 250 Review

What was Aprilia thinking when they came up with the SportCity 250? I'm willing to take a guess; it was probably something like “how can we add some sex appeal to our current, rather stuffy line-up?”

2008 Vespa LX 150 Review

Riding the Vespa LX 150 back-to-back with the LX 50 turned out to be the perfect setup. I remember getting off the LX 50 and saying… “perfect… keep it all the same, give it a bit more power and it’s the perfect modern Vespa”.

2007 Vespa S 125 Review

Imagine this: it’s a beautiful sunny day and you’re cruising briskly by the seaside. Small puffy clouds hang motionless above the beautiful azure sea and the sun glistens off the tranquil water.

2007 Vespa GTS 250ie Review

Vespa’s flagship model the 2007 GTS 250ie is a smooth number, whether you are cruising along in the summer sun, battling the traffic to work or on a weekend road trip on the open road.

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