Polaris announced its 2018 Slingshot lineup including a new limited edition version of the Slingshot SLR. The base-level Slingshot is now known as the Slingshot S, and it sees a two-grand price drop to $19,999. This brings the 2018 three-wheeler line up to four models: the Slingshot S, Slingshot SL, Slingshot SLR and the new Slingshot SLR LE.

The big update for 2018 is the new Ride Command infotainment system. An optional accessory on the S model but standard on the others, the Ride Command system includes a 7-inch multi-touch display with Bluetooth connectivity, phone integration, USB and customizable information screens. On the SLR and SLR LE, Ride Command includes turn-by-turn navigation (Slingshot S and SL owners can purchase the navigation feature as an optional add-on).


“The introduction of Ride Command merges modern conveniences of today’s latest technology with Slingshot’s high-adrenaline riding experience,” says Kevin Reilly, vice president of marketing for Slingshot. “The addition of the SLR LE rounds out our vehicle offerings with a premium model for those who demand the absolute best.”

The Slingshots are all powered by a 2384cc engine from GM claiming 173 hp at 6200 rpm and 166 lb-ft at 4700 rpm, paired with a five-speed manual transmission.


The new SLR LE package adds BILSTEIN 10-way adjustable suspension, a 200w Rockford Fosgate audio system, and premium sport seats with color-matched side bolsters. The Slingshot SLR LE (pictured below) will be available in a Ghost Gray color with Lime Squeeze accents and special edition graphics for $30,999.


The Slingshot S will be offered in Gloss Black for $19,999, down from the $21,999 Polaris was asking for the 2017 Slingshot. The SL is available in Navy Blue and Sunset Red (shown below) for $25,499. For the extra dough, the SL gets you a back-up camera, windscreen, color accented seats, a Rockford Fosgate audio system and Ride Command.


Another step up is the Slingshot SLR for $28,999 and a choice of Electric Blue or Orange Madness. The SLR adds navigation, sportier seats, Sparco steering wheel, shifter and pedal covers, forged aluminum wheels, a 305mm rear tire, two-piece composite brake discs and a tinted wind deflector.


The 2018 Polaris Slingshot lineup arrives in dealerships in September.

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  • tjeepdrv

    A few months ago, I saw all of these in the parking lot between St. David’s and the ARCH on 7th street and didn’t know why they were there. I guess they were taking pictures for this. 6th Street was also closed one morning with a bunch of cameras following a Chevy Bolt. I guess Austin is popular for commercials.

    • Douglas

      Maybe they were hopin’ Willie might show up in the background…..

  • Michael Mccollum

    Should drop the crap GM powertrain and put the 2.3L ecoboost in them. Then they would be lots of fun!

    • DickRuble

      Even if you dropped in a V-8 bi-turbo from Mercedes, or a Lamborghini V12, this thing wouldn’t sell. Read Polaris’s Q2 financials released this past Monday. It’s just a (very, very expensive) toy and as such has very limited market appeal.

      • Kevin Duke

        Actually, the Slingshot exceeded sales projection when first introduced. I suspect that many of those who wanted one already have one now.

      • TheMarvelous1310

        I just saw five of these running down the highway in Cleveland, coming from a car show. Have you ever seen five of any other trike in any one place, ever? Let alone Cleveland, with our jacked-up roads and terrible economy. Clearly they’re selling some of these!

    • Bernard Nate

      I agree. They definitely could use something like an ‘R’ version with about 300hp. I don’t understand why they seem to be so opposed to it, this thing has been out long enough for them to have had time to sell a hotter version of it. It has the looks, but the performance is just OK. It’s ashamed when that when I was thinking of buying a speedy toy for myself, I wanted one of these, but ended up buying a Camaro SS, because this thing was too ‘slow.’ I wasn’t ready to get another sportbike at the time so that wasn’t an option. I know the car is a different kind of experience, but my point is I needed something that could separate itself from the pack performance-wise and this thing isn’t it.

      • TheMarvelous1310

        Cobalt SS performance parts fit the engine, but not the engine bay. You should have got one, these things are INSANE with turbos. https://youtu.be/rJrG5zF_FNE

    • Jason M.

      Agreed, where’s the turbo?!

      • TheMarvelous1310

        You can fit a Cobalt SS supercharger, but you need to add some headroom.

    • toomanycrayons

      That explains why the one I passed sounded like a Buick Verano. I was expecting more of a bark from something that looks like that.

    • TheMarvelous1310

      But then you’d have to Fix Or Repair Daily so you wouldn’t be Found On Road Dead. Plus, Ecotec 4s have a pretty good aftermarket.

      • TC

        Fast On Race Day. Le Mans 2017.


    It’s not the same but I would rather have an Ariel Atom.

    • Born to Ride

      It’s close enough to point out the objective inferiority of this machine in comparison

      • JMDGT

        The Atom is on my list. The Morgan Three Wheeler is also. I would love to own these machines.

  • 12er

    I dont get the appeal. An ill handling convertible that you have to wear a helmet in (at least here in CA). Saw one on the road last week, first time I could see a semi legit need of a beanie helmet as the “Driver” was sporting one.

    • Kevin Duke

      Actually, a helmet is not needed in Cali.

  • Patriot159

    Nanananananananananananamamanana…Batman! Not for me but they are eye catching!

  • michaelt1953

    I’ll never understand the world’s fascination with 3 wheeled vehicles. I think I’d rather go with something sensible such as an Ariel Atom.

  • toomanycrayons

    Slingshot? How do they get away with stealing this longtime brand name:

    Slingshot Bicycle Company



  • TC

    Polaris should dump this unprofitable monstrosity and spend the money designing and building an Indian Sport Tourer. They could buy Motus.

    • Kevin Duke

      Tell us how you know the Slingshot is unprofitable?

      • TC

        I can only say that the local dealer has had the same three sitting on his lot all year, and have never seen one on the road in SoCal. I have seen many, many Can Am Spyders.

        • Kevin Duke

          Polaris says 20,000 Slingshots have been sold so far, which is more than Victory and the Polaris Ranger series sold after their first 2.5 years of production.

          • TC

            Good to know. Have you seen any on the street?

          • Kevin Duke

            Yep, I’ve seen a few. SoCal has a good climate for a three-wheeled car without a roof!

  • kenneth_moore

    I drove one of these around Miami Beach. I was at the Eagle Rider store waiting to start a Key West ride and the owner tossed me the keys. On the up side it reminded me of my first car, an AH Sprite. You feel very directly connected to the vehicle. However, the swingarm rear-end was a mess. It felt like it was jacking around like crazy, making weird noises etc. It felt to me like there’s too much vehicle weight and horsepower for a single-sided swingarm and belt drive to handle effectively.