More news from the Piaggio camp at EICMA 2015 is the Medley scooter. However, it is not slated to come to the U.S. Powered by Piaggio’s new iGet 125cc and 150cc electronically fuel injected, liquid-cooled, four-valve engines, the Medley comes standard with the “Start & Stop” feature, which shuts the engine off at stops to help improve fuel economy.

With its large diameter wheels, the Medley should provide superior handling compared to similar scooters in the class with smaller wheels, and it’s styled like bigger, costlier scoots for a touch of class. It comes with features like LED daytime running lights front and rear, ABS, an electronic opening latch, and a 36.2-liter storage compartment that’s large enough for flip-up helmet and a jacket.

From an accessories standpoint, Piaggio will offer 30-liter and 37-liter top boxes, comfort seats, a dedicated leg cover, waterproof bike cover, and an assortment of anti-theft systems. Electronically, the Medley features optional items like a bike finder to help locate your scooter in a crowded area, the Piaggio Multimedia Platform, which provides all of your trip and vehicle status information to your smartphone, as well as providing geolocation function to help find the scoot. Lastly, the Medley can also come with the Piaggio Sound System which plays back information, trip directions and music by “using the vehicle body as a speaker.”

Follow the rest of our 2015 EICMA Show coverage for more information on new 2016 motorcycle announcements.

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  • pork_rind

    An 18.5 _GALLON_ tank?

    • denchung

      Oops… That’s 18.5 liters which is 4.9 gallons.

  • Mark Vizcarra

    Let me know when it gets better MPG on this thing then Ill buy

  • Douglas

    Slowly, almost begrudgingly, I’m becoming a fan of scooters. Recently picked up an ’08 SilverWing with only 5k miles and Givi accessories dirt cheap. Has a couple quirks & foibles, but I’m impressed and may try to find a deal on a smaller scoot as well. Piaggio seems to be a leader here, and their products will get a look from me. (Don’t get me wrong, I still have the motorcycles, too…..not gonna get rid of them!)

    • Craig Hoffman

      Scooters are great for quick “jump on and go” and errand running missions. Riding a full size motorcycle is more of an “event” which typically leads to a longer ride.

      I like the idea of a 300cc scoot as a sweet spot. Jump on an go, but can do highway and it has zip and yet such a machine is still small and nimble. I don’t have a scoot now, but probably will get one eventually as a practical and fun supplement to the bike.