Here’s a marque that we didn’t expect to see at EICMAMondial has apparently risen from the ashes to produce motorcycles once again. The storied manufacturer started producing motorcycles in Bologna, Italy in 1948 and had a great deal of success in Grand Prix racing and on the Isle of Man in the 50s. Mondial fell on hard times and has previously undergone unsuccessful attempts to revive the marque. MO last tested a Mondial in 2003 during one of the revival attempts in the form of the Mondial Piega with a Honda RC51 engine as a power plant. Alas, that revival, too was met with failure.

Mondial Hipster


So, today, E-i-C Kevin Duke sends the MO home office the photos shown here of a new Mondial, which we believe will be called the Hipster. (Take a look at the tank’s stripe.) Though information is sketchy, the Mondial Hipster will available in 125 cc and 250 cc variations. The parallel-Twin is liquid-cooled and features a 6-speed transmission. If anyone doubted the resurgence of the scrambler-styled motorcycle, here’s yet more proof. Even the brown seat is shared by other scramblers. Nice touches include high mount twin exhausts, the inverted fork and the dual piggyback shocks, spoked wheels, and off-roady-looking rubber. The front wheel looks larger than the rear, so we’d guess that the hoops might be a 16- and 17-inch pairing .

2003 Mondial Piega

Hopefully, we can find out more information about this interesting development.

Follow the rest of our 2015 EICMA Show coverage for more information on new 2016 motorcycle announcements.


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  • Ian Parkes

    Very cool – but surely that monumentally ill-considered name has doomed this attempt to revive the brand too. ‘Mondial’ – great so far but then… Do they seriously think any hipster – let alone any non-hipster – would be seen dead on a bike called the ‘Hipster’? If this resurrection is to have any chance they need to change that name and quick.

    • Suman M Subramanian

      Great-looking bike! I agree that name could doom it.

    • VForce

      You don’t wear the band’s t-shirt to their concert!

      • Ian Parkes


  • Old MOron

    Very nice bike.
    So basically, anybody and everybody kicked Victory’s ass this year.

  • SRMark

    Hipster huh? Yikes.

  • DickRuble

    And yet another failure for Mondial. Who’s going to spend (presumably lots) of money to buy a 125cc or 250cc bike? However cool looking, its direct competitor is the Honda grom.

    Is Mondial owned by some Chinese company making products for the Indian market? That would be the only situation where such a design would make sense.

    The Piega was a real motorcycle but the price seemed, at the time, astronomical.

  • Jice60

    A new chinese shit as SWM, or Mash, no interest !
    No link with the great brand FB Mondial they just use the name. It’s a pity !!! ;o(
    And moreover it’s hugly !