We were stoked to get to see – and briefly hear – the KTM 790 Duke prototype at EICMA, but that was only a few seconds and a cordoned off display. Now, thanks to the glory of KTM’s YouTube page, we get two minutes, twenty-four seconds of rubber-smoking aggression. Since we sacrifice it all for you, our readers, we’ve watched the video a few times…OK, like 100 times in a cold sweat. As a consequence, we have come to the following conclusion: If you are at all enamored with the Duke platform, DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO!

KTM 790 Duke Concept Unveiled At EICMA 2016

2017 KTM 790 Duke Video Preview

KTM 790 Duke Teaser

If you do watch this video, we will not be held responsible actions – like soul-selling – taken to gain access to this motorcycle.

You have been warned.

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  • Craig Hoffman

    Oh Hell ya. Seeing the light on how awesome twins can be…

    • Evans Brasfield

      I told you not to watch the video.

    • Strat

      The bike will end up being worth more than the college degree.

  • spiff

    You can love or hate KTM, but either way they deserve respect. Their production models are cooler then many others concept bikes. Also, how many concept bikes are actually working prototypes? I would love to be in the board meeting when they talk about their future. I think Soichiro Honda would be impressed.

  • Shlomi

    KTM stunt riders would make a Harley look like super moto cool… hard core bike like thd old Duke. Many would dream about one, but not sure how many would buy it

    • Ian Parkes

      Seriously? An H-D? I mean I’m a cynic but you guys…

    • mikstr

      making a Hog look cool? Really? no one is that good, lol

  • DickRuble

    Yeah..the production bike will be nowhere nearly as sorted out as the prototype. You could do the little stunts in the video with a scooter and still look cool. In other words.. just promotional material.


    • Evans Brasfield

      Always a little ray of sunshine aren’t you, Dick.

    • Old MOron

      I love that clip. Misirlou and scooters forever!

      • DickRuble

        After I saw it I felt inspired to buy a scooter.. then I remember my wife had one.. then I tried to go fast and grind the exhaust, then…

        • 12er
          • DickRuble

            … then I felt the Vespa trying to tie itself into a pretzel when pushed hard in a corner, gave up and went home.

          • Old MOron

            Damnit! There used to be another video. It was a crash video, too, but it was enhanced with a heroic sound track. Reminded me of the music or scene where Monty Python’s King Arthur sets off to seek the Grail. Do you remember that?

          • 12er

            Thats what I was looking for but the link above was the best I could do…

    • Novatoan

      Yeah, you’re right. After watching both I can’t decide which one to buy.

      • Strat

        The included pizza tips the scales in the scooter’s favor.

    • Tinwoods

      Debbie Downer speaks.

  • Evans Brasfield

    As much as I love this video, I cringe at 1:46 every time the flare down the lens reveals how dirty the camera sensor is.

  • Douglas

    Now, I assume the rider was an MO motojournalist,….maybe Troy, Gabe, TomR, or?….no?

    • Evans Brasfield

      Since there was no crash, we can be certain that it’s not me.

  • 12er

    Watched it a few times to make sure I shouldnt watch it…

  • Dootin

    Oh fuck, I watched it and now want one. Damn internet!

  • Sayyed Bashir

    The most plausible explanation of how they made this video: They laid down the white stripe using one of those highway striping machines. (They showed the guy picking up the masking sheets at the end of the line just for effect.) They set up the camera at various points on the track and had the stunt rider do several runs over that section, trying his best to stay on the line. Then they stitched together all the perfect runs to make it seem like the rider rode the line perfectly the whole time.

    • spiff

      Why so pessimistic man? Have a cup of this orange Kool-Aid. Your gonna be fine.

    • DickRuble

      There I did it.. I up voted SB…

    • therr850

      Who cares how they made it? It isa fun video that I have no Hope of ever duplicating.

  • Can’t wait to see how this compares to (my) the Hyper SP. wonder where they’ll build it?

    • spiff


  • Jens Vik

    I am hoping they put this engine in the husqvarna vitpilen 701. A bike that looks a thousand times better than this chainsaw!

    • mikstr

      funny, I find the Vitpilen hideous and this one of the best looking bikes I have ever seen… a classic case of agreeing to disagree I guess…

      • Jens Vik

        Curious to know. Do you find SAAB cars hideous too?
        Can’t point to any specifics things, but for me the Vitpilen speaks to me like the SAABs did. The lines are strange and different, but very beautiful!

        I see many similar design cues in the 790 and the 701vitpilen. They have just been finished in two different directions.

        • mikstr

          never cared for most SAAB cars I have seen over the years (though perhaps their newer offerings are better, not sure as I am not a car buff). Vitpilen looks too busy for me, with no clear styling flow or direction. This 790, on the other hand, has graceful flowing lines. Definitely a looker IMO; of course whether the production version is as well is another matter entirely…..

          • DickRuble

            They are both horrible.. design speaking…

          • mikstr

            that’s the funny thing about opinions, everybody has one…

          • Gruf Rude

            Owned a 3-cylinder 2-stroke Saab once; cured me of any attraction to the brand. . .

        • Strat

          SAABs look good wrapped around a telephone pole.

    • spiff

      I think Husky will be playing super single for at least 2 years in that chassis.

  • Matt Forero

    The want is strong with this orange one.

  • Patriot159

    My soul is secure from selling but my FJR1300…..ummm, not so much.

  • D690

    Nice, but I’m happy enough with my single 690:)
    Have a look…

  • Tinwoods

    I was thinking about selling my Superduke 990 and getting the 1290R, but after watching this, I like the idea of actually using all of a bike’s power instead of just a fraction of it as I would likely do on its big brother.